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Collegiate Expansion & Additional League Updates

Here are some updates on next steps from the collegiate expansion focus group and other survey feedback.

US Quidditch recently conducted a series of focus groups centered on collegiate expansion. This focus group along with other survey feedback collected over the past few months have resulted in a few updates that USQ will be rolling out in the upcoming year that will impact both collegiate and club teams. We are also working on some shorter term projects, and information on those is available below. Focus groups for referee development have also been conducted by USQ. This feedback along with other survey feedback received over the past few months is being reviewed currently. Updates on next steps from that feedback will be shared soon. If you have any questions, please email

Benchmark Program

US Quidditch is introducing a new benchmark program to help us identify success metrics for team operations. Having success metrics to measure how a team is doing will help us better identify teams that may be having challenges so USQ can better assist. This will also give teams a better idea of averages they should be aiming for in each category once a standard benchmark metric for the questions below is identified and shared post-survey. We are asking one representative from every team to please fill this out. The survey, can be found here. To check and see if your team filled it out already, click here.

Expanding the Number of Regional Coordinators

Up to this point there has only been one regional coordinator assigned to each region. Moving forward, there will be no cap on the number of regional coordinators that a region can have. We are expanding the scope of this role to include additional focus on expansion efforts, assisting with visibility of teams in USQ news and social media coverage, and more regular check-ins with teams. To learn more about this opportunity and to apply, click here.  

Adding More Volunteers

In addition to recruiting for more regional coordinators, USQ will be looking to add other new year round volunteer opportunities to assist with projects we will be looking to develop. More information will be shared soon. To see the current list of open roles, click here.

Additional Collegiate Competitive Opportunities

The interest in either a consolation cup, a D1/D2 split, or another competitive opportunity for collegiate teams of various skill levels has been a much voiced topic in feedback. The gameplay department is currently reviewing this feedback and will be having further conversation on the topic for the rest of this season about what possibilities are for future seasons. This department is also currently recruiting for volunteers, so if you have an interest in being a gameplay coordinator, please click here.

Highlighting Teams & Players

USQ will be making an effort to highlight a wide variety of collegiate and club teams and players via social media, livestreams, and news articles. So keep an eye out on USQ’s FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Youtube for postings!

Mentorship Program

For the 2020-21 season, USQ will be introducing a mentorship program for members to participate in. This will give an opportunity for newer members to be paired with seasoned veterans of the sport for additional support during the season. More information about this program will be released in the summer. A mentorship program for tournament directors (TDs) is also rolling out this season. For more information on that and other new resources available for tournament directors, click here.

Quidditch Conferences

Over the next few weeks USQ will be meeting with existing quidditch conference leaders. The goal is to learn about current operations of each conference and to see how each conference plus USQ can collaborate together. As things develop, any new changes will be shared with the quidditch community.

Email Communication Streamlining

You may have noticed some changes on the USQ website regarding email contact information. With a goal of making communication easier for everyone, emails are now more categorized, and there are less emails you need to choose from. So for example, if you are a coach, is the email you will contact for most of your questions. A more descriptive breakdown can also be found on the new ‘USQ Contacts’ header on the USQ member dashboard.

Continuing Resource Development

Resources will be continued to be developed to help those in the quidditch community feel successful in operation. Current resources can be found by clicking here. The referee team and snitch team are currently discussing resources they would like to develop in the upcoming months, and referee development focus group feedback is still being evaluated and will be taken into consideration when looking at resources to develop. USQ would also like to develop more video resources for recruitment and learning opportunities. We are currently recruiting for video coordinators to help in this area. If you have an interest in assisting, please click here to learn more.