USQ Update

USQ Update

Snitch Certification Process Adjustment

The certification process for USQ snitch runners is being adjusted

The snitch certification process is being adjusted in an effort to improve the quality and preparedness of snitch runners across the league and to reduce confusion regarding snitch referee and snitch runner certification.

Effective October 14, 2019 at 12:01am ET, the existing Snitch Runner Certification Test will be replaced with the existing Assistant and Snitch Referee Certification Tests, rather than a separate test. Snitch runners who have already completed the existing certification this season will not need to complete any additional tests to maintain their current certification levels. In order to fulfill a team’s Snitch Runner requirement, a snitch runner will need to:

  1. Pass the Assistant Referee Written Test

  2. Pass the Snitch Referee Written Test

  3. Sign up for the free Snitch Runner Membership on the website

In addition to the above requirements, in order to become a certified snitch runner after October 14th, 2019, a snitch runner will need to:

  1. Submit film or be field tested by a snitch proctor

Snitch runners are not required to become fully certified snitch runners in order to snitch at USQ official events or to fulfill their team’s snitch runner requirement.

Any snitch runners who have passed the Snitch Runner Certification Test and have their free Snitch Runner Membership prior to the October 14 deadline will not need to complete any additional certifications. They may continue to count for their team requirements without needing to complete the new requirements until next season when certifications reset (July 1st) and they are eligible to take a snitch runner field test or submit game footage to become snitch runner certified. All snitch runners are encouraged to take the Assistant and Snitch Referee tests to improve their knowledge of the rules and be qualified to serve as Snitch Referees.

This means that starting October 14, the referee and snitch runner requirements for teams are as follows:

This change means that all snitch runners who have passed the Assistant and Snitch Referee Tests will also be certified to Snitch Referee. This means that the two officials responsible for adjudicating the snitch catch each game will both be qualified individuals who will be familiar with all of the rules relating to that phase of the game. Currently certified snitches who have not passed the assistant and snitch referee certification tests will not be eligible to serve as a snitch referee during games that require a certified snitch referee. 

In addition, due to the similar names of the Snitch Runner and Snitch Referee tests, several people per year have taken the wrong test and been confused about their level of certification. This change will help to avoid this confusion.

As has been the policy for the past few seasons, the Assistant Referee Test must be passed before the Snitch Referee Test is attempted. If a test is failed, it cannot be reattempted for at least 24 hours after the previous attempt and no tests of a higher level may be attempted if the tests below have not been passed. The testing order is Assistant Referee before Snitch Referee before Head Referee.

If you have any questions regarding snitch certification, or wish to submit film to complete a full certification, please contact If you have questions regarding the assistant or snitch referee tests, contact