USQ Update

USQ Update

On-Site Appeals Process For USQ-Hosted Events

USQ is introducing a limited onsite appeals program for the 2019-20 collegiate regional championships and USQ-hosted circuit events.

For USQ-hosted events, only limited circumstances will be eligible for appeal. The normal post-event USQ appeals process may still be pursued under any of those applicable situations. 

An appeal may be submitted if all of the following are true:

  • One of these circumstances has occurred:
    • A straight red card has been issued which the team believes is not a valid card 
      • The game clock has been incorrectly managed with a direct impact on the game (ex. if the snitch and/or seekers are released early). 
      • A gross misapplication of the rules has resulted in a direct impact on the outcome of the game. Judgement calls do not apply.  
  • The appeal is submitted during a stoppage of play.

To submit an appeal:

  • During the stoppage, inform the head referee that you are filing an appeal
  • During the stoppage, report to the scorekeeping tent and fill out an onsite appeals form
  • The field manager or other person at the scorekeeping tent must immediately radio tournament staff to inform them of the appeal.
  • Note: the head referee is permitted to resume play even if an appeal has been filed

The possible outcomes of an appeal may include replaying a portion of a game, disregarding a straight red card for the purposes of tournament red card accumulation leading to suspensions, or no action, among other things.  

Questions about this appeals process may be sent to or directed to gameplay staff onsite at USQ events.