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Member Grants & New Season Checklist

USQ has released the 2019-20 grant opportunities for members, along with a new season checklist for teams.

US Quidditch is proud to be offering two grants for the 2019-20 season for our members. Grants will be awarded within two weeks of the application deadline. Questions about this year's grants and the grant process can be directed to Information on USQ’s grants can be found on the Grants page of our website. 


The US Quidditch Cup Open Division Grant is available for a collegiate team planning to compete in the open division of US Quidditch Cup 13. This grant covers the registration cost for your team. Collegiate teams must have attended a USQ Regional Championship in order to qualify for this grant. To learn more about this grant and to apply, click here. Applications are due by March 8, 2020.


The Team Member Grant is available for one already registered member team. This grant covers up to $840 worth of individual memberships (can be player, coach, or referee) valid for the 2019-20 season. The team chosen to receive the team sponsorship must complete a youth quidditch service project during the season. To learn more about this grant and to apply, click here. Applications are due by October 13, 2019. 


If you have any suggestions for grant offerings for the 2020-21 season, please email


To assist teams with the requirements for the season, below is a list of everything a team should be accomplishing before starting the new season. This checklist is also available on the 'Team Requirements' page of the USQ website. Any questions can be directed to

  • 1. Admin Transfer
    • If your team has a new admin, you will need to transfer admin capabilities to the new leader. We recommend that teams do this process at the end of the season.
    • New Admin
      • Go to: Dashboard, My Team, then Re-Register An Existing Team.
      • Select your team from the drop down and submit.
      • Website will email you and the previous admin a confirmation. Please approve the confirmation from that email.
    • Previous Admin
      • When the website emails a confirmation of admin transfer, please approve.
      • Once confirmed, USQ will upgrade the new admin and provide access to admin tools.
  • 2. Register Team
    • This can be done at the start of the new season. USQ will post an article on our News page when membership opens. 
    • Go to ‘Dashboard’, ‘My Team’ and then the option will be available to pay team fee.
      • If your team has been registered with USQ before and you do not see your team’s name in the upgrade team list, please consider emailing USQ to get that account reactivated before making a brand new team account. 
    • Once your team is registered, individuals on your team can begin to request to join the team via their ‘My Team’ page of the dashboard. 
      • Admin will need to approve individuals as they request to join the team roster.
  • 3. Ensure each player signs up for an individual membership
    • The majority of bids for US Quidditch Cup from the collegiate competitive division will be allocated based on the number of registered teams in a region as of September 30 at 11:59pm ET. For a team to be considered registered by bid allocation deadline, you must be a registered team with a minimum of 7 registered players.
  • 4. Proof of Enrollment (Collegiate Teams Only)
    • Proof of enrollment must be sent to and must include the player's school name, full name, and official proof of enrollment from the school’s registrar or the player's official class schedule for the current season showing that they are enrolled.
  • 5. Regional Transfer (Collegiate Teams Only)
    • If a collegiate team cannot attend its designated regional championship, it may submit a waiver to attend a different regional championship. In order to protect the efficacy of the bid distribution system, regional transfer requests must generally be submitted by September 30, 2019 at 11:59pm ET. 
    • For teams registered by September 30, any regional transfer request submitted on or after October 1 must be based on new information the team received following that deadline. 
    • Teams who register on or after October 1, 2019 must submit the request within one week of registering with USQ.
  • 6. Officials Requirements 
    • At least two team members must certify as assistant referees.
    • At least one different team member must certify as a snitch referee.
    • At least two different team members must pass the head referee written test (after passing the AR and SR written tests) and purchase a USQ referee membership.
      • Adult players may upgrade to a referee membership for $25. You can upgrade your membership on the USQ ‘Membership’ tab of the ‘Dashboard’. 
    • At least one different team member must pass the written snitch runner test and sign up for a free snitch runner membership.
      • Once they have passed the written test, the snitch runner will have the option to sign up for a field test or submit footage of their games in order to complete snitch certification. Certified snitches are paid $8/game at official matches.
    • Deadlines for officials certification can be found here. It varies depending on if your team is going to a USQ regional championship or circuit event, and when you register.
  • 7. Coach Certification
    • A certified coach must purchase a USQ coach membership and complete the USQ coach certification process. A player or referee member who would like to serve as a team’s coach must pay an additional $25 to upgrade their membership to include that of “coach.”
      • You can upgrade your membership on the  USQ ‘Membership’ tab of the ‘Dashboard’. 
    • Coach certification is due 24 hours before your team’s first official event.
  • 8. Set up team profile on the USQ website
    • Team admins can do this by logging into their USQ account, going to My Team, and then clicking on Information. 
    • Ensure that your team’s email address is correct.
    • Add social media links for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, if you have them. 
    • Add a description for your team.