USQ Update

USQ Update

Meet the USQ Departments

Information on USQ’s departments and team members who work year round to help run our organization!

Update December 2, 2019

On November 22, 2019, we announced that we were doing an organizational restructure at the employee level. The updated organizational chart is here


Welcome to the 2019-20 season of US Quidditch! We wanted to take a moment to share information about the different departments within our organization. These departments and the people who are part of them are responsible for helping operate our league, and are here for you as a resource for any questions during the season. There are volunteer openings across all USQ departments for year-round or event specific opportunities every season. You can learn more about current openings by going to the Long Term Opportunities page under Join and then Volunteer. If you would like to get involved with USQ and aren’t sure where to start, email or fill out this form.

Please note, the complete list of volunteer staff members is on our website. The complete list of USQ employees is also available. Any employee/volunteer staff member can be contacted by reaching out to (for example, Sarah Woolsey can be reached at

Office of the Executive Director 

The Office of the ED oversees strategic planning, risk management, league operations, fiscal management, financial development, staff/year-round volunteer engagement, and partner relations. This department is overseen by Sarah Woolsey (Executive Director) with assistance from Megan Anderson (Membership Expansion Manager). This department includes Logan Anbinder (Assistant to the ED), Rebecca Martin (Risk Management Coordinator) and Alex Krall (Web Developer).

  • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic planning consists of developing and implementing long-term goals for US Quidditch to ensure the growth of our organization. There are three main goals for our 2019-21 strategic plan, which are retention, recruitment, and reach. Those three main goals are broken down even further in each category and outline action items for each year to help grow those three aspects of our sport. The strategic plan  is overseen by Sarah Woolsey (Executive Director) with assistance from Megan Anderson (Membership Expansion Manager). 
  • Volunteer Engagement Committee
    • USQ has a team who meets to discuss ideas and implement plans for keeping our year-round volunteer staff engaged with the organization. The volunteer engagement team consists of Sarah Woolsey (Executive Director), Jeremy Schleicher (Event Volunteer and Youth Development Coordinator), and Katrina Bynum (Event Volunteer Coordinator). Our year-round volunteers are the individuals you see listed throughout this article.
  • General Contact Info


The membership department oversees officials, youth development, membership registration, rules team, regional coordinators, and national team. This department is overseen by Eric Schnier (Membership Director). For any general membership questions, please email

  • Officials include the referee and snitch runner teams. These individuals oversee  the certification process for these members and answer questions. Referee Coordinators include Alec Powers, Clay Dockery, Kym Couch, Toby March, Chris LeCompte, and Christian Barnes. Snitch Runner Coordinators include Max Parks, Richard Crumrine, Tad Walters, and Christian Barnes
  • Youth Development oversees the growth of the youth gameplay opportunities in our sport. This includes the youth rulebook, youth quidditch at regional/national tournaments, outreach to youth teams and developing additional youth opportunities. Youth Development Coordinators include Jeremy Schleicher, Nicole Hammer, and Rachel Duckett.
  • Membership Registration oversees the process of registering teams, coaches, and players with USQ. Member communication also falls into this department. This area is assisted by Kelsey Peterson (Membership Coordinator). 
  • Rules Team works with the gameplay department to make updates to the rulebook each season. Rules Coordinators include Clay Dockery, Jared Leggett, Ricky Nelson, Sarah Kneiling, and Liam Zach
  • Regional Coordinators are individuals who represent a USQ region and serve as a resource for teams when there are questions related to USQ requirements, resources, region related topics,  plus confirming enrollment for collegiate members. 
    • Great Lakes: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky
    • Mid-Atlantic: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina
    • Midwest: Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin
    • Northeast: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont
    • Northwest: Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming
    • South: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee
    • Southwest: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
    • West: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah
  • National Team refers to individuals who oversee the development and operation of the US National Team who compete at the IQA World Cup and other international events. The developmental academy program also is under their purview, which provides opportunity for athletes to be selected to train with the US National Team. This department consists of  Amanda Dallas (USNT Coordinator), Michael Parada (USNT Head Coach), Ethan Sturm (USNT Assistant Coach), Jackson Johnson (USNT Assistant Coach), and Miguel Esparza (USNT Photographer) . 


The events department oversees USQ tournaments, tournament directors, and event sanctioning. This department is overseen by Mary Kimball (Events Director) and Olivia Caughey (Events Manager). For general questions, please email

  • USQ Tournament organization includes event bidding/site visits, logistics, hospitality, and event volunteers/field managers. A lot goes into making an event happen, and a lot of people help make it possible! Logistics Coordinators are the individuals who help distribute and replace equipment, event set-up, event tear down, and anything else related to event details. This team includes Alex Drose, Joshua Bartlett, Jared Leggett, Mary Hosford, and Stephanie Nowicki. Hospitality Coordinators help with guest experience, ticketing, team services, and youth quidditch at tournaments. This team includes Brandi Cannon and Cuervo Algien. Event Volunteer Coordinators handle volunteer recruitment, training, and assignments at tournaments, as well as the training and scheduling of field managers. This team includes Elizabeth Barcelos, Katrina Bynum, Jeremy Schleicher, and Alex Drose
  • Tournament Director team serves as a resource for any Tournament Directors (TDs) in the league. They oversee the certification process and development of additional resources throughout the season. This includes Jeremy Taylor (TD Certification Coordinator), Amanda Perry (TD Support Coordinator), and Carrie Soukup (TD Support Coordinator). The TD Support Committee works with this team, providing mentorship and guidance to those running quidditch events. 
  • Event Sanctioning refers to a program USQ has for tournaments that want to request additional support from the league and/or want to host a recognized club circuit event, in exchange for agreeing to a higher standard of tournament quality. Sanctioned events are eligible to receive insurance coverage from USQ as well as financial support grants. 


The gameplay department oversees the policies and procedures of the league, reviews forms and waivers submitted by members, plus operates gameplay during USQ tournaments. This department is overseen by Sarah Woolsey (Executive Director). Gameplay Coordinators include Emily Hickmott, Sarah Kneiling, David Pastula, Matt Melton, Logan Zahn, and Harry Greenhouse


The Communications department oversees media relations, social media, event photos, event advertising, and merchandise. This department is overseen by Mary Kimball (Events Director) and is assisted by Faby Echeverria (Marketing Coordinator), Annabel Russell (Marketing Coordinator), and Jessica Shock (Communications Coordinator). 

  • General Contact Info
  • Crisis Communication
    • When a situation arises, USQ has a crisis team who assist with resolving the matter and communicating updates and resolutions to affected parties. The crisis communication team consists of Sarah Woolsey (Executive Director), Mary Kimball (Events Director), Eric Schnier (Membership Director), Megan Anderson (Membership Expansion Manager), Logan Anbinder (Assistant to the ED), Annabel Russell (Marketing Coordinator), and Jeremy Schleicher (Event Volunteer and Youth Development Coordinator).