USQ Update

USQ Update

Tournament Director Certification and Event Sanctioning for 2019-20 Season

Information on TD certification and event sanctioning for the new season is now available. There are a few changes to the TD program, including adjustments to the assessment process, a waiver for the dedicated TD requirement, and a new TD Support Committee. The event sanctioning program is being reworked to have an emphasis on tournaments that align with USQ’s strategic plan.

Tournament Director Certification

Full information on the tournament director certification program is available here. To sign-up for the program, please fill out this form before attempting the certification assessment. 


In April, TDs were invited to fill out a survey to give feedback on their experience with the certification program and being a TD overall. 25 TDs filled out the survey. The feedback was used to shape the major changes outlined below. 

Dedicated TD Rule

The dedicated TD rule, which began last season, is still in place. However, tournaments may apply for a waiver if they wish to utilize non-dedicated TDs. The waiver application is available here. The application is due 2 weeks before the tournament date, but later applications will be accepted on a case by case basis. Waivers are not granted automatically and will only be granted in certain circumstances, such as with:

  • A shortage of referees in the region where the event is being held and the TD would need to serve as a head referee for at least one game
  • A new team that does not have non-playing staff who could fill the role of a dedicated TD

The goal of the waiver program is to offer additional support and flexibility to tournaments who do not have the capacity or resources for a dedicated TD. Those who are approved for a waiver will need to have a pre-event meeting with a USQ staff member at least one week prior to the tournament date. 

Certification Process

This year, there are two assessment options. The first option is a recertification assessment, a shorter written quiz available only to those TDs who were certified in the 2018-19 season. TDs must receive a perfect score of 100% to pass the recertification quiz. If they do not pass it with a perfect score, they must take the full certification assessment. 

The second option is a full certification quiz, available to anyone new to the TD program or those who were not certified in the 2018-19 season. The full certification quiz is available here. TDs must receive a score of 80% or higher to pass. As with all USQ quizzes, TDs must wait 24 hours in between test attempts. 

As with last season, all TDs involved with planning and running a USQ official and/or sanctioned event must be certified at least one week before their tournament. Exceptions to this policy may be made in the case of an emergency. 

The training video from previous seasons is being transformed into a training manual and it is available here. Additional audio materials will be available on the TD Resources page, too, including an audio version of the training booklet. Later on the season, we will release more audio materials featuring interviews with experienced TDs, case studies of events with unique challenges, and a more in-depth look into the tournament planning process.  

Support from USQ

We are creating a new TD Support Committee. The committee is comprised mostly of USQ employees and year round volunteers, but there are a few open spaces available for experienced TDs who are not on USQ staff. Information on how to apply is available here. Applications are accepted throughout the season but those interested are encouraged to apply by September 1. The TD Support Committee meets every other week from September-March for one hour to discuss upcoming events, the TD certification program, and challenges TDs are facing. 

Additionally, brand new TDs will be eligible to join a mentorship program under the direction of the TD Support Coordinators and the TD Support Committee. More experienced TDs will also have access to guidance and advice from the TD Support Committee. 

New Slack Channel

Certified TDs will be invited to join a private Slack channel on USQ’s account where they can talk to other TDs as well as those on USQ staff. This Slack channel will replace the Certified TD Facebook group. The Facebook group will be archived on September 15.  

For questions, email

Event Sanctioning

We are implementing new guidelines for financial support grants. Events of all kinds may still apply for sanctioning in order to receive insurance coverage. Full information is available here, and we have highlighted the major changes below. 

Field Testing and Sanctioning Requirement

Field testing is now open to unofficial events. Sanctioning is no longer required. The guidelines are the same as last season. Unofficial events may be approved for referee field testing provided they meet the following additional requirements: 

  1. Have a USQ Referee Coordinator in attendance
  2. Have 5 or more teams competing
  3. Follow the current USQ or Major League Quidditch rules
  4. Have all rulebook-required official positions filled during each field test. The required referee positions are:
    1. A certified lead assistant referee, at least one assistant referee, a snitch referee, a snitch runner, a scorekeeper, and a timekeeper

Insurance Coverage

The requirements to receive insurance coverage will remain the same. If you are requesting insurance coverage from USQ, all participants in your tournament must do one of three things at least 24 hours in advance:

  1. Purchase USQ membership
  2. Purchase Quidditch Canada membership
  3. Pay the $10 non-member sanctioned event fee

We need participants to do this because it is a requirement from our insurance company as well as best practices for risk management. 

Please note that unofficial events requesting insurance coverage and field testing will have to follow both the requirements for sanctioning as well as the requirements for field tests at unofficial events.

Financial Support Grants

Grants will be awarded to events that are in line with USQ’s strategic plan, which is available to download in full here and as a one-pager here. This includes events that:

  • Expand competitive opportunities for all USQ members
  • Increase safety of all participants in quidditch
  • Foster organized and sustainable youth play
  • Promote opportunities for experienced teams to mentor new teams
  • Foster the growth of more volunteers and officials.

The deadlines and application process are the same as last season and are available on this page under “Application Deadlines.” Please note that grant applications for events from September 15-October 31 are due next month, on August 29. 

For questions, email