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13th Edition of USQ Rulebook Released

US Quidditch Rulebook 13 is now available and will be in effect for the 2019-20 season.

August 14, 2019

The web version of Rulebook 13 has been updated. Changes affecting rules are in the changelog in Appendix E. In particular, we wanted to call out 3.3.4., which concerns timeouts. The head referee may now grant a timeout during play if they determine there is a break in active play. You can download the updated version of Rulebook 13 here

US Quidditch is proud to announce the 13th edition of the rulebook! Volunteers on the USQ rules team have been meeting weekly throughout the 2018-19 season in order to edit the existing rules to better our sport. 

This year, the rules team used a new process for editing the rulebook, which significantly cut down on the review time for our volunteers while allowing the team to remain focused on reducing clutter and adding clarity to the rulebook. 

Many of the biggest changes this year are regarding the equipment in use during gameplay. The range of acceptable broom length has been reduced to be more accurate to normal standards in the modern game. Wood has been removed as a permissible option in official play. There is also a specified diameter for hoop loops, as opposed to the previous 2-inch range. 

One of the other biggest changes is that there is added nuance to penalties for players wearing jewelry. A player who is found to be wearing illegal jewelry which has not impacted the game will now be ejected from the game, not given a red card. This means their team does not need to send a player to the penalty box for two minutes. Players wearing jewelry that impacts play will still be given a red card.

US Quidditch Rulebook 13 can be accessed online here. The print version of the rulebook, which will include more photos, will be available for sale later this month.

This rulebook will go into effect for the 2019-20 season in the United States. To view the full changelog from the 12th edition, please view Appendix E in the rulebook.

For questions about rules, please email Membership Director Eric Schnier at If you are interested in joining the USQ rules team as work begins on the next edition of the rulebook, please click here.


An updated version of the USQ casebook will be available later this summer.  The casebook is designed to clarify interactions between different rules by providing situations in gameplay that can serve as examples.

The examples in the casebook are designed to guide the decisions of USQ certified officials by demonstrating proper application of the rules. They are not intended to replace the in-game judgement calls of the officials, especially in the realm of calling “no harm no foul.” Additionally, these situations are presented with the assumption of normal gameplay, and do not take into account unusual or extenuating circumstances that may arise in specific instances of play. Such circumstances should be considered by any official while applying the rules.

If you have any questions about the casebook, or have suggestions for rules to be clarified in future editions of the casebook, please email