USQ Update

USQ Service Awards for 2018-19 Season

The inaugural USQ Service Awards were given to 11 volunteers in recognition of their contributions to the sport of quidditch.

USQ Service Awards are in recognition of outstanding commitment to the sport of quidditch through the activities and contributions of volunteers. In its inaugural year, they are presented to those who have volunteered for USQ year round for five or more years as of July 1, 2019.  

USQ Service Awards will be presented annually in April. Due to schedule changes this year affecting US Quidditch Cup 12, they were given out during a private volunteer appreciation party in May. 

“Volunteers are integral to the success of the league. From our fantastic year-round staff across the league to onsite event volunteers, the passion and skill brought by everyone involved in the organization is inspirational,” said Executive Director Sarah Woolsey during the awards ceremony. 

USQ Service Award Recipients for the 2018-19 Season


Events Department

Katrina Bynum - 5 years

Brandi Cannon - 5 years


Gameplay Department

Sarah Kneiling - 9 years

David Pastula - 5 years

Martin Pyne - 5 years


Membership Department

Clay Dockery - 5 years

Max Parks - 7 years

Kelsey Peterson - 5 years


Office of the Executive Director

Logan Anbinder - 8 years

Alex Krall - 5 years

Rebecca Martin - 5 years

USQ extends our thanks to these generous individuals for giving so much of their time to the sport of quidditch.