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Update to Referee Tier System

US Quidditch has made adjustments to the existing referee tier system.

After review of the existing referee tier system, USQ has decided to remove the requirement for referees to fill out evaluations of their peers, in addition to making adjustments to the mandatory tier demotion system for certified head referees. Full information on the changes can be found below, and you can read more on the Referee Policies page.

Mandatory Tier Demotion: On May 1 of each year, tier 1-3 head referees will receive a mandatory demotion of one tier, unless their field test was in the month of April. Tier 4 referees will remain certified as tier 4 referees.

Tier 4 Referee Testing Requirement: Referees who begin the season as tier 4 referees are eligible to referee official games but must complete a field test prior to US Quidditch Cup. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility to referee at US Quidditch Cup and decertification the following season. Completing a field test and being reassigned tier 4 will not result in decertification the following season.

The following policies are not changing:

Games Refereed Requirement: If a referee failed to complete their required number of games refereed or has received significantly poor reviews, they may be demoted additional tiers. 

Referees will be informed of their tier and any feedback from reviews at least twice per year by email. Tiers are also available publicly in the list of certified referees. For more information on referee season requirements, please see the Referee Policies page.

Tier Advancement: In order to move up a tier or tiers (including returning to the tier held before a tier demotion) a referee must take a field test with a proctor of the same tier or higher. Based on the results of this field test and past performance, their tier will be reevaluated. A referee’s official tier will be included in their field test results.

Questions? Please email for more information!