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April 2019 US National Team Athlete Additions

After evaluating film, scouting reports, training camp and US Quidditch Cup 12 performances, the US National Team (USNT) staff have selected eight more athletes for the standing team.

Below is the current US National Standing Team. New additions to the USNT are in italics.


Jayke Archibald - Keeper - Quidditch Club Boston
Andrew Axtell - Chaser - Texas Hill Country Heat
Julia Baer - Chaser - Bosnyan Bearsharks
Martin Bermudez Jr. - Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Edward “Teddy” Costa - Utility - Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club
Kaci Erwin - Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Bailee Fields - Beater - Texas State Quidditch
Aryan Ghoddossy - Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Solomon Gominiak - Chaser - Rochester Hailstorm
Harry Greenhouse - Utility - Quidditch Club Boston
Samuel Haimowitz - Chaser - Texas Hill Country Heat
Max Havlin - Beater - Quidditch Club Boston
Rachel Heald - Utility - Kansas Quidditch
Jackson Johnson - Beater - Texas Hill Country Heat
Taylor “Tate” Kay - Beater - Texas Quidditch
Luke Langlinais - Chaser - Texas Hill Country Heat
Lindsay Marella - Chaser - The Warriors
Jessica Markle - Beater - Texas State Quidditch
Kylie McBride - Beater - Texas Quidditch

Augustine Monroe - Keeper - Texas Cavalry
Ryan Nawrocki - Beater - Texas State Quidditch
Elizabeth Ng - Utility - UCLA
Hallie Pace - Beater - Texas Hill Country Heat
Jacob Parker - Utility - Terminus Quidditch Atlanta
Robert Sluss - Keeper - Texas Hill Country Heat
Tyler Trudeau - Keeper - Bosnyan Bearsharks
Lulu Xu - Beater - Quidditch Club Boston



No athlete on the USNT standing roster is guaranteed play time or a tournament roster spot at any point during their time on the USNT standing roster. While there will be designated periods for mass additions and cuts, the USNT head coach may add or cut a player as they deem necessary. On April 28, USNT staff will announce its 25-person IQA Pan-American Games 2019 roster.

To learn more about the structure of the USNT and the selection process, check out this page. Stay updated by liking/following the USNT Facebook, USNT Twitter, and the USQ Instagram.