USQ Update

USQ Update

USQ Equipment Open Call

USQ is launching an open call for equipment providers and resources.

USQ is launching a project that doubles as an open call for equipment providers and resources. The strategic plan released in mid-July focuses on three key aspects designed to foster the sustainable expansion of the league; retention, recruitment, and reach. An important part of ensuring sustainable expansion for our league is decreasing barriers to entry–with equipment needs being a necessary point to address. USQ wants to ensure that information and resources regarding equipment are accessible to all teams.

There are two main objectives of this project:

  1. To create a network between those looking to sell equipment and those looking to purchase equipment

  2. To provide teams with resources on how to build equipment

Anyone who is currently making quidditch equipment or has an interest in making equipment in the future, please fill out this form. Anyone with available resources that they would like to share–videos, guides, graphics–please email

As information is collected, the USQ resource page will be updated to list suppliers across the US, in addition to other resources we create and collect. Submissions for current or potential suppliers to be listed will be accepted on a rolling basis. We hope that this project will prove to be beneficial for the entire quidditch community as our sport continues to grow and evolve. If you have any questions, please contact