Regional Championships

University of Florida win the 2019 South Regional Championship

University of Florida Quidditch Club won the collegiate division title and Florida State Quidditch won the runner-up title at the 2019 South Regional Championship in Auburndale, FL.

6 teams participated in the regional championship, which took place at Lake Myrtle Sports Park in Auburndale, FL on February 16-17, 2019. The lists of competing teams are available below. Those in bold qualified for US Quidditch Cup 12. At this tournament, 5 bids went to the collegiate division. 88 teams will be attending the national championship in Round Rock, Texas over April 13 and 14, 2019. Information about qualifying for an at-large bid is available here.



  1. University of Florida Quidditch Club

  2. Florida State Quidditch

  3. Gamecock Quidditch

  4. Florida Gulf Coast Quidditch

  5. Nearly Headless Knights

  6. University of South Florida Quidditch



Scores for the entire tournament are available in the Schedule and Scores spreadsheet here. Scores will be posted on the USQ website and reflected in the USQ standings later this week.


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US Quidditch wishes to congratulate University of Florida Quidditch Club, along with all qualifying and competing teams who raised funds, traveled to the event, and played tough and exciting games. We would like to especially thank all of the attendees for accommodating the necessary schedule changes. USQ is also grateful to the volunteers, referees, snitch runners, and staff who helped plan and run the event.

Special thanks to Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing for their support of the 2019 South Regional Championship.