Mid-Season Recap 2019: Communications

USQ reviews the first half of the season and shares important reminders related to the programs in the communications department.

As announced in the original Mid-Season Recap article on Monday, we are posting a series of articles this week to serve as an encompassing mid-season directory to existing projects and announcements, in addition to important reminders for the remainder of the season. Tuesday’s article focused on the membership department, Wednesday’s article focused on updates within the gameplay department, and yesterday’s article focused on our events. Today’s article focuses on the communications department. It is organized in the following sections: website audit, online store, hiring update, and general communications.

This article also has information on ongoing special projects across other departments in US Quidditch, including the IQA Pan-American games being hosted in the United States in July 2019 and the US National Team.


The USQ organizational chart provides an overview of the five different departments in USQ, as well as the different staff positions involved in each department.

The communications department is managed by Executive Director Sarah Woolsey, Events Director Mary Kimball, and Communications Manager Jenna Bollweg. The department is committed to publicizing the sport of quidditch and the activities of USQ to the preexisting player and fan bases and seeks to expand the league’s audience. It also focuses on visually representing the sport in a way that is consistent with USQ’s messaging and brand guidelines. The department works collaboratively on editorial, marketing, social media, public relations, and design. Volunteer roles in this department include communications coordinator, graphic designer, and photo editor.


USQ was delighted to announce that Richmond, Virginia had been selected as the host city for the Pan-American Games 2019. The event will be jointly hosted by the International Quidditch Association, USQ, and Richmond Region Tourism.

We announced today that the event will be held on July 13-14, 2019. The announcement article also includes basic information about the event, including team registration information. Admission to the tournament will be free, and anyone interested in spectating at the event or attending as a volunteer should register via Eventbrite here.

USQ is looking forward to the opportunity to partner with Henrico County again, with this event at Glover Park being the first IQA tournament to be held in the United States since the organization's re-formation in 2014.

Questions about this event can be sent to


As announced in October, the structure of the US National Team will move toward a standing team model for the International Quidditch Association’s (IQA) 2019 Pan-American Games and 2020 IQA World Cup. The standing roster currently consists of 10 returning players selected from the 2018 World Cup iteration of the USNT. Applications for the rest of the new standing roster were due earlier this week on January 30. The decision process for these remaining spots will end in April 2019. This roster will undergo minimal changes over the course of the next two years, with the next major round of adds and cuts scheduled for the 2020-21 USQ season. More information about the US National Team and its structure can be found here.

The deadline for video submission has been extended to February 12. See this article for more information.

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USQ will be conducting a thorough audit of our website throughout 2019. We will be focusing on updating outdated or incorrect information, fixing page functionality and display issues, reorganizing sections of the website, updating aesthetics to fit our brand guidelines, and adding new resources to improve the overall functionality and ease-of-access within the site. If you've noticed anything about the website that doesn’t function properly or otherwise hinders the effective communication of its intended message–typos, broken links, improperly sorted resources–or have a suggestion for a resource that does not yet exist, please fill out this form by April 28, 2019.

USQ staff will be taking all suggestions into consideration as we enter the final phases of the audit process. However, filling out this form does not guarantee that your suggestion will be implemented. We appreciate your time and assistance with this project!

If you have any questions, please email


brooms-up-beanie-1_grande us-quidditch-logo-1-2-zip-pullover-1_grande broom-shaka-laka-tank-top-1_grande

From print copies of the rulebook to pullovers and hats–you can stock up on all the essentials through USQ’s online store. It is hosted through DFBTA here. Be sure to check out our new “Brooms Up” beanies! Merchandise is also available onsite at USQ’s events, including event t-shirts and trading cards.


In early September, USQ began accepting applications for a full-time events manager position, in addition to two new part-time positions– a membership expansion manager focusing on growing the league’s membership base, and a communications manager to support league marketing and communications efforts. Following an extensive interview process, US Quidditch has since announced that Olivia Caughey has been hired as Events Manager, Megan Anderson has been hired as Membership Expansion Manager, and Jenna Bollweg has been hired as Communications Manager.


We're looking forward to all of the exciting changes to our communications department for US Quidditch Cup 12, regional championships, and the regular season. We'll be coming out with more updates, articles, and resources for the community–so if you'd like to stay in the loop, you can check out all of the different ways to stay informed about what is new with USQ below!

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