USQ Update

Changes to USQ Rulebook Process

US Quidditch has restructured its rules team process for future rulebooks.

US Quidditch is excited to announce a new process for its Rules Team.

USQ has created a form that gives the community the opportunity to provide input on the changes they would like to see implemented in the rulebook. Players are encouraged to submit ideas for new rules, tweaks to existing rules, or suggestions to reconsider rules that are not consistent with how the game is evolving.

The rules team will meet each week from now through June to review any submissions received and determine whether or not they are feasible to implement in the existing version of the rulebook. In addition to this new process, the remodeled team will continue to contribute to the ongoing project of reviewing the rulebook for relevant updates and modifications by going section by section instead of line by line.

These structural improvements will result in more efficient changes between each rulebook as our sport strives to reach a place of consistency that allows players, spectators and officials alike to more effectively memorize the rulesets. This improved review process based on community feedback will not only allow for more streamlined questions in the certification assessments, but will also allow USQ staff to focus their efforts on improving the overall quality of the certification process.

The current USQ rules team is led by Membership Director Eric Schnier and is comprised of valuable volunteers such as Clay Dockery, Sarah Kneiling, Jared Leggett, Ricky Nelson and Matthew Niederberger. USQ would also like to thank departing rules team members Michael Clark-Polner and Caleb Ragatz for their years of service to the organization, in addition to their lasting contributions to the rulebook project.

If you have any questions about the rulebook development process, please email