Mid-Season Recap 2019: Office of the ED

USQ reviews the first half of the season and shares important reminders related to the programs in the Office of the Executive Director.

At the conclusion of last season, we released a league update that gave a recap of the previous year in addition to highlighting what’s coming up next. Since then, USQ staff has released a number of important updates to keep the general public informed about the ongoing projects and goals of the organization.

This week, we will be posting a series of articles that are meant to serve as an encompassing mid-season directory to those projects and announcements, as well as important reminders for the second half of the season. Each day this week will be an update from one of USQ’s five departments: Office of the Executive Director, Membership, Gameplay, Events, and Communication.


The USQ organizational chart provides an overview of the five different departments in USQ, as well as the different staff positions involved in each department.

The Office of the Executive Director (ED) involves a variety of different programs related to the overall functioning of USQ. This department includes financial management, risk management, technology, human resources, and fundraising and partnerships. Strategic planning efforts are also part of the Office of the ED. Volunteer roles in this department include Access and Engagement Coordinator, Risk Management Coordinator, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Web Developer, and Executive Assistant.


During the 2017-18 season, USQ underwent a strategic planning process to map out a vision for the league’s future through 2021. The strategic plan released in mid-July focuses on three key aspects designed to foster sustainable expansion of the league; retention, recruitment, and reach. With these focuses, USQ hopes to make a positive impact by providing high quality services and programs to current members, growing the number of official members in the league, and improving league communications and marketing. The strategic plan also focuses on opportunities for new team development, youth team development, and increasing the number of competitive opportunities available for all teams.


US Quidditch is looking to make strides towards accomplishing our strategic plan - and we need your help! Whether you are a member, non-member, inactive in the quidditch community, or have thought about becoming involved, we would love your feedback. Click here to fill out the USQ Strategic Planning Survey.

This survey addresses various questions ranging from challenges to joining the quidditch community, expectations when competing at events, what motivates or demotivates people to play quidditch, resources you would find helpful to be provided & more.

Please plan about 10-15 minutes to share your thoughts on this survey. The deadline to fill this out is March 1st. If you would like to share any general feedback related to this survey or the strategic plan, please feel free to email


In mid-December, USQ released the annual report reviewing the last season. The report includes information about our events and membership programs, as well as additional services and resources provided over the past year.

In addition, the annual report serves to recognize the key people necessary to the success of our league, in addition to a summary of the organization’s finances. For additional detail, the Form 990 for the past fiscal year is also available on the About page of our website.


The USQ Board of Directors is working to expand and is now recruiting new members. The Board of Directors is primarily responsible for guiding the long-term strategic vision of the league and ensuring its financial solvency. The board meets in person two times per year in addition to monthly conference calls to set and guide the long-term mission and financial health of the organization. You can read more about the role of board members and the recruitment process here. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a board member, please email


Questions or comments about any of the updates in this recap article can be sent to