Mid-Season Recap 2019: Gameplay

USQ reviews the first half of the season and shares important reminders related to the programs in the gameplay department.

As announced in the original Mid-Season Recap article on Monday, we are posting a series of articles this week to serve as an encompassing mid-season directory to existing projects and announcements, in addition to important reminders for the remainder of the season. Yesterday’s article focused on the membership department. Today’s article focuses on the gameplay department. It is organized in the following sections: regional championships gameplay information, US Quidditch Cup policies & procedures, and gameplay policies & forms.


The USQ organizational chart provides an overview of the five different departments in USQ, as well as the different staff positions involved in each department.

The gameplay department is managed by Executive Director Sarah Woolsey. The department oversees and manages all aspects of USQ gameplay to ensure that the league maintains a high standard of competition and fair play. The gameplay department manages all gameplay policies, determines gameplay structures and schedules for USQ hosted events, manages the disciplinary review process, and serves as a resource for tournament directors and staff. Gameplay coordinators are the volunteers that make up this department.


The specific event gameplay format and schedule for each of the three spring regionals will be released approximately a week and a half before the event. The standings freeze at 11:59 PM ET the Sunday two weeks before each regional, and then the schedule is released the following Wednesday. See the list below for the key dates for spring regional championships.

  • Sunday, January 27: season play requirements deadline for West

  • Wednesday, January 30: gameplay schedule released for West

  • Sunday, February 3: season play requirements deadline for South

  • Wednesday, February 6: gameplay schedule released for South

  • Sunday, February 10: season play requirements deadline for Southwest

  • Wednesday, February 13: gameplay schedule released for Southwest



Tomorrow’s mid-season recap will focus on our events department and include general event information. Team registration information is available here.


The field for US Quidditch Cup 12 will include 88 total collegiate and community teams. 64 teams will compete in the Collegiate Championship in a Swiss-style tournament, with 4 flights of 16 teams. 24 teams will compete in the Community Championship in a pool play format tournament with 4 pools of 6 teams.


Of the 64 collegiate division bids, 48 have been or will be awarded at the regional championship. The remaining 16 bids will be distributed at large.

Of the 24 community division bids, 18 will be awarded at regional championships.  The remaining 6 bids will be distributed at large.

The details of the bid allocation process are available in this article.


Both the collegiate and community divisions will have at large bids.  At large bids will be awarded directly to teams based on the USQ standings as of 11:59pm ET on Sunday, March 3, 2019.

In order to be eligible for an at large bid, teams must meet the following requirements:

  1. The team must compete at a regional championship this season.

  2. The team must have not earned a bid at that regional championship.

  3. The team must not have been disqualified from that regional championship in any way.

  4. The team must fill out the at large bid interest form by March 1, 2019 committing to accepting an at large bid if they receive one.

  5. The team must have completed one of the following two expanded season play requirements by 11:59pm ET on Sunday, March 3, 2019.  The expanded season play requirements can be met against teams from either division, and, as usual, games at regionals do not count for the expanded season play requirements.

    1. The team must have played 12 games against 6 opponents at 3 events.


    2. The team must have played 8 games against 4 teams at 3 events, including at least one out of region opponent from each of two additional regions which qualified at their own regionals.*

* If a team transfers regions, they will be treated as a team from the region into which they transferred.


The season play requirements deadline is Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 11:59pm ET. At that time, the rankings will freeze and be used to determine team placement into flights and pools. Regional diversity will be preserved where possible.

On Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 9:00pm ET, there will be a live presentation of the flights and pools for USQC12. This presentation will include the assignment of all teams to their flight or pool, as well as the first round match-ups for collegiate teams.

After the presentation, an article will be immediately shared on the USQ website with the flight and pool draws, and the specific schedule for the first round match-ups and the community pool play games. Collegiate teams will know what game slots they are playing in on Saturday, although they will only know the opponent for their first match in advance.

The link to watch the live presentation will be shared on social media.


The full US Quidditch gameplay policies and forms are available here.

Additionally, a reminder article was posted in September, summarizing key gameplay policies including official game requirements, season play requirements, player conduct policies, game appeals policy, forfeit procedure, tiebreaker policy, and the policy for cheating on USQ certification quizzes.


Any official game can be appealed through USQ. The appeal process exists in order to fix correctable mistakes when the result of a game was impacted. The only practical effect an appeal can have is the removal of an official game from USQ rankings. Appeals will automatically be dismissed if they do not qualify under the grounds for appeal: “A clearly incorrect implementation of the rules that played a direct role in determining the outcome of the game. Judgment calls and missed calls do not apply.”

When submitting an appeal or any other report, all teams are strongly encouraged to submit video of the game or call in question to assist in the adjudication process.


As mentioned in the requirements for official matches, participating teams must submit their rosters at least 24 hours in advance. Teams are strongly encouraged to submit a roster well in advance of this deadline. There is no restriction on the resubmission of rosters before the 24 hour deadline.

If your team is having any challenges in submitting a roster, please immediately contact USQ. In particular, if you are having an issue please send an email explaining the issue before the 24 hour deadline.


Questions or comments about any of the updates in this recap article can be sent to