Event Location for 2019 Pan-American Games Announced

Richmond, Virginia will host the first IQA Pan-American Games in the summer of 2019.

Earlier this morning, the International Quidditch Association (IQA) announced Richmond, Virginia as the host city for the 2019 Pan-American Games. The event will be jointly hosted by the IQA, USQ, and Richmond Region Tourism. More details on the dates, format, and eligibility policies for the event will be available soon.

“I'm delighted that USQ will be partnering with Richmond Region Tourism and the IQA to host the inaugural IQA Pan-American Games,” said USQ Executive Director Sarah Woolsey. “One of the cornerstones of our strategic plan is fostering growth of the sport, and we hope that hosting this exciting and novel event will help create a culture of growth not only in the US, but across our hemisphere. This event has been the result of several years of discussion with other NGBs, including Canada, Mexico, and Peru. We thank them for their work to make this event a reality.”

After the successful facilitation of the IQA Global Games back in 2014, USQ is excited to welcome the international quidditch platform back into the continent with the first inaugural Pan-American Games. Henrico County–a suburb just north of Richmond, Virginia–hosted the Mid-Atlantic regional championship in 2014. USQ is looking forward to the opportunity to partner with Henrico County again, with this event at Glover Park being the first IQA tournament to be held in the United States since the organization's re-formation 2014.

“We’re very excited to work with the top notch team in Richmond and leverage our close relationship with US Quidditch to bring a premier quidditch event to North America,” said Andy Marmer, interim executive director for the IQA. “The group we met in Richmond impressed us with the caliber of sporting events they have hosted; and their passion and enthusiasm for bringing quidditch to Richmond. We have long admired USQ and everything it has done to grow the sport.”


As announced in October, the structure of the US National Team will move toward a standing team model for the 2019 IQA Pan-American Games and 2020 IQA World Cup. The standing roster currently consists of 10 athletes selected from the World Cup 2018 iteration of the USNT. The decision process for the remaining spots on the standing roster will end in April 2019. This roster will undergo minimal changes over the course of the next two years, with the next major round of adds and cuts scheduled for the 2020-21 USQ season. More information about the US National Team and its structure can be found here.


In addition to the changes in the structure of the USNT, the IQA has since adopted a new regional teams policy for the 2019 Continental Games, in which national governing bodies (NGBs) must decide between sending either a national team or regional teams to their respective continental tournament. Full details about the announcement can be found here. USNT team staff has since announced that it would be sending the national team to this event.

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