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US National Team Returning Players

US National Team (USNT) Head Coach Michael “Yada” Parada, with consultation from his scouts, has selected 10 players from the 2018 Redeem Team to return to the 2018 USNT standing roster.

USNT staff felt this group of individuals were not only talented but reliable and consistent, creating a firm foundation for the standing team to be built upon.

As previously announced, the USNT will now utilize a standing team model in preparation for the 2019 IQA Continental Games and 2020 IQA World Cup. The decision process for the USNT standing roster will end in April 2019. The primary reason for the length of this process is that this roster will undergo minimal changes over the course of the next two years, with the next major round of adds and cuts scheduled for the 2020-21 USQ season. More info on how to apply for the USNT can be found here.

In alphabetical order, below are the 10 players Parada has chosen to return to the USNT.


Jayke Archibald | Keeper - Quidditch Club Boston
Julia Baer | Chaser - Bosnyan Bearsharks
Martin Bermudez Jr | Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Kaci Erwin | Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Bailee Fields | Beater - Texas State University
Max Havlin | Beater - Quidditch Club Boston
Jackson Johnson | Beater - Texas Hill Country Heat
Augustine Monroe | Keeper - Texas Cavalry
Tyler Trudeau | Keeper - Bosnyan Bearsharks
Lulu Xu | Beater - Quidditch Club Boston

Members of the 2018 USNT that expressed interest and are not listed above are still eligible to roster for the standing team. They will matriculate back into the application process. Beaters Vicky Sanford, Cole Travis, and Tyler Walker and chaser Simón Van der veen Quant Arends Jr. declined consideration.

To learn more about the structure of the U.S. National Team and the selection process, head here and keep an eye on the USNT Facebook, USNT Twitter, and the USQ Instagram.