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Midwest Regional Championship Gameplay Adjustment

University of Northern Colorado is dropping from Midwest Regionals 2018, resulting in an adjusted schedule.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, University of Northern Colorado Quidditch is unfortunately no longer able to attend the the 2018 Midwest Regional Championship. As the team dropped out more than 24 hours before the event, the games they were originally scheduled to play will not count as forfeits. Due to this change, there was an imbalance in pool sizes, with Pool A having 5 teams, Pool B having 4 teams, and Pool C having 3 teams. Therefore, the USQ Gameplay Department has elected to move Iowa Quidditch Club (the 13th seed) from Pool A into Pool C, replacing University of Northern Colorado Quidditch (the 12th seed). This was done to ensure that no team is impacted more than another by this change, with all three pools now having 4 teams each. Iowa Quidditch Club will therefore play all games that University of Northern Colorado Quidditch was scheduled to play on Saturday. Those revised games are as follows:

  • 10:45am: Iowa Quidditch Club vs. Southern Illinois University

  • 12:15pm: Iowa Quidditch Club vs. Minnesota Quidditch

  • 3:15pm: Iowa Quidditch Club vs. Illinois State University Firebirds

 Please note that all games scheduled for Iowa Quidditch Club in Pool A will not be played, and those games are canceled, not counting as forfeits. Those canceled games are as follows:

  • 8:30am: Iowa Quidditch Club vs. Creighton Quidditch

  • 10:00am: Iowa Quidditch Club vs. Columbia College Chicago Quidditch

  • 11:30am: Iowa Quidditch Club vs. Kansas Quidditch

  • 3:15pm: Iowa Quidditch Club vs. Marquette University Quidditch

All 12 teams will now make it into the first round of the bracket, whereas previously one team would not advance to the bracket. The complete updated gameplay schedule is available here. There have been no other changes to the gameplay structure or format. The officials schedule has also been updated to reflect these modifications and updated in that same document.

The adjusted pools are as follows:

Pool A: Columbia College Chicago Quidditch, Creighton Quidditch, Kansas Quidditch, Marquette University Quidditch

Pool B: Illini Ridgebacks Quidditch, Maryville University Quidditch, Mizzou Quidditch, SIUE Quidditch Club

Pool C: Illinois State University Firebirds, Minnesota Quidditch, Southern Illinois University, Iowa Quidditch Club

If you have any questions about the changes, the gameplay format, schedule, or the event in general, please email