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Matt Melton is October Referee of the Month

USQ announces its Referee of the Month for October 2018: Matt Melton

US Quidditch is thrilled to announce that Matt Melton has been selected as Referee of the Month for October 2018.

Joining the quidditch community at the age of 27, Matt "Gramps" Melton missed playing quidditch through college and has been making up for lost time ever since. He strives to be as fully involved in the sport in as many ways as possible; Melton can usually be found in a striped ref shirt or a pair of snitch shorts and a penguin hat when he's not on the field. Centrally located in Chicago, Melton’s reffing career took off this season as he officiated in multiple tournaments throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes regions before traveling to both of their Regional Championships. “My voice was shot for a few days, but it was a ton of fun and totally worth it,” he says.

Being a member of Great Lakes Tempest, Indianapolis Intensity, Lake Erie Elite, and now Boom Train, Melton would like to thank his awesome teammates for teaching him the sport he loves and making him a better ref and player. He'd especially like to thank his teammate KPack, who keeps following him around from team to team to wake him up for tournaments and feed him Red Bull when necessary.

When asked what he wants to do in the future, Melton says he hopes to get even more involved in the league by becoming a field test proctor or joining USQ as a volunteer. He also says he’d like to snitch a game for longer than five minutes, “but the proctor thing seems easier, so let’s start with that.”

Now in the fifth season of the program, the Referee of the Month award is open to all USQ-certified head referees. Recipients are primarily selected based on reviews received by USQ Referee Team. While members of Referee Team are eligible to be selected for the award, any member who is up for discussion as a potential winner is required to recuse themselves from the conversation to avoid potential conflicts of interest. In addition, any Referee Team member who is selected as a Referee of the Month will not be eligible for the US Quidditch Cup travel grant.

The selection process for the two November Referees of the Month is already underway. Two winners will be selected to account for the low number of games played league-wide in December. The winners will be announced next month. To fill out an evaluation of a referee, click here.

For questions about the Referee of the Month program, please email