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2018 Midwest Regional Championship Recap

This evening, Boom Train won the community division title at the 2018 Midwest Regional Championship in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Due to time constraints, there will not be a 2018 Midwest Regional Collegiate Champion.

Update November 7, 2018

In response to feedback, we have emailed all competing teams additional information about what happened this weekend. If you wish to contact us about this weekend, there are a few different ways of doing so. First of all, the USQ event survey is here. You can email the events department at If you wish to speak with Executive Director Sarah Woolsey, you can email USQ is actively speaking with members of our staff and gathering feedback from teams, players, officials, and volunteers to analyze all aspects of this event, as well as other events we host, in order to implement fixes for the future.

16 teams participated in the regional championship, which took place at Tuma Soccer Complex in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on November 3-4, 2018. The lists of competing teams are available below, those in bold qualified for US Quidditch Cup 12.

Boom Train
Brew City Warriors
Chicago United Quidditch Club
Columbia College Chicago Quidditch
Creighton Quidditch
Illini Ridgebacks Quidditch
Illinois State University Firebirds
Iowa Quidditch Club
Kansas Quidditch
Marquette University Quidditch
Maryville University Quidditch
Minnesota Quidditch
Mizzou Quidditch
SIUE Quidditch Club
Southern Illinois University
Twin Cities Quidditch Club

At this tournament, seven bids went to the collegiate division and two bids went to the community division. 88 teams will be attending the national championship in Round Rock, Texas over April 13th and 14th, 2019. Information about qualifying for an at-large bid is available here.

The final standings for both divisions are:


T-1. Kansas Quidditch
T-1. Minnesota Quidditch
T-1. Mizzou Quidditch
4. SIUE Quidditch Club
T-5. Creighton Quidditch
T-5. Illinois State University Firebirds
7. Southern Illinois University
8. Illini Ridgebacks Quidditch
T-9. Marquette University Quidditch
T-9. Maryville University Quidditch
T-11. Columbia College Chicago Quidditch
T-11. Iowa Quidditch Club


1. Boom Train
2. Twin Cities Quidditch Club
3. Brew City Warriors
4. Chicago United Quidditch Club

Out of concern for player safety in light of the extreme rainfall, wind, and low temperatures at the Midwest Regional Championship in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USQ cancelled the last game slots. This decision was made primarily out of concern for player safety due to the deteriorating field stability and worsening weather conditions.

As participating teams have been informed, USQ Gameplay Staff is awarding the final collegiate bid based on the US Quidditch Tiebreaker Policy between the remaining eligible teams, Southern Illinois and Illini Quidditch.

The first phase of the tiebreaker policy is ensuring that the teams played the same number of games. Because Southern Illinois played 7 games, ending the tournament with 3 wins and 4 losses, and Illini played 6 games, ending the tournament with 2 wins and 4 losses, they have an uneven number of games. Following this, teams are ranked by total number of losses, however, they both have a total of 4 absolute losses. Therefore, the next phase was the head to head. As the teams competed in the 11am game-slot and Southern Illinois won 150*-50, Southern Illinois is granted the final collegiate bid.

The inclement weather also forced cancellation of the third round robin of the community division. Boom Train was then officially named the community division champion based on their win record, an undefeated 6-0.

In light of these challenges, USQ wishes to reiterate our commitment to determining a logistically sound and equitable method for allocating US Quidditch Cup bids for our teams. We would like to thank the players, coaches, and volunteers of the Midwest region for their continuous understanding and their valuable feedback this weekend. Thank you also to our partners at GO Cedar Rapids and the Tuma Soccer Complex for their commitment to hosting the safest event possible in light of changing weather weathers. We are grateful for their flexibility and their assistance during this event as well as over the last week.


Scores for the entire tournament are available in the Schedule and Scores spreadsheet here, on the "Scores - Saturday,” “Scores - Community,” and "Collegiate Bracket” tabs. Scores will be posted on the USQ website and reflected in the USQ standings later this week.


Do you have any feedback about the event? Please fill out our event survey here!

Additionally, officials evaluations may be submitted by coaches, players, referees, snitch runners, spectators, or event staff. Please use this form to submit a review for any referee (including head referees, assistant referees, or snitch referees). Please use this form to submit a review for a snitch runner.

Again, we wish to thank all involved teams, and would like to congratulate all teams from the Midwest who earned a bid to US Quidditch Cup 12, in addition to all who participated in the tournament. Individuals who wish to share additional feedback, or on anything else related to the tournament, may reach staff at