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University of Rochester and Bosnyan Bearsharks win 2018 NERC

University of Rochester won the collegiate division title and Bosnyan Bearsharks won the community division title at the 2018 Northeast Regional Championship in Rochester, New York.

22 teams participated in the regional championship, which took place at Total Sports Experience in Rochester, New York on October 27-28, 2018. The lists of competing teams are available below. Those in bold qualified for US Quidditch Cup 12. At this tournament, eight bids went to the collegiate division and three bids went to the community division. 88 teams will be attending the national championship in Round Rock, Texas over April 13 and 14, 2019. Information about qualifying for an at-large bid is available here.


Collegiate Division

1. University of Rochester Thestrals (collegiate champion)
2. RPI Quidditch (collegiate runner-up)
T-3. New York University Quidditch
T-3. RIT Dark Marks
T-5. Boston University Quidditch
T-5. Tufts University Tufflepuffs
7. Middlebury College Quidditch
8. Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club
9. Macaulay Honors College Marauders
10. Emerson College Quidditch
T-11. Harvard Horntails
T-11. Hofstra University Flying Dutchmen
T-13. Brandeis Quidditch
T-13. Skidmore Quidditch
T-15. Clark University Ravenclarks
T-15. New York Pigeons
17. Stony Brook Quidditch

USQ announced on Sunday that an error had been made in calculating the standings for collegiate bracket play. However, that announcement was based on an incorrect review of the tiebreakers, which neglected teams’ win records before snitch catch. Thus, the original seeding of the bracket was correct, and all collegiate teams on Sunday played their proper opponents as prescribed by the USQ tiebreaker procedure. US Quidditch apologizes, especially to the four affected teams, for the confusion regarding the tiebreakers.

Community Division

1. Bosnyan Bearsharks
2. Quidditch Club Boston
3. Rochester Hailstorm
4. The Rogues
5. Atlantic Dragons

Due to significant schedule delays on Sunday, the community division gameplay format was adjusted. Instead of a double round robin, teams played a one and a half round robin.

This change resulted in four games being cut from the Sunday schedule: Quidditch Club Boston vs the Rogues, Rochester Hailstorm vs Atlantic Dragons, Quidditch Club Boston vs Rochester Hailstorm, and Bosnyan Bearsharks vs Atlantic Dragons. The two remaining games played that day were the Rogues vs Rochester Hailstorm and Quidditch Club Boston vs Bosnyan Bearsharks.

Due to these necessary schedule changes, there was ambiguity regarding the ultimate method of determining the community division champion following the final match between Quidditch Club Boston (QCB) and Bosnyan Bearsharks (Bosnyan), both of whom had already secured a bid to US Quidditch Cup 12 at that point in the event. It was not made clear to teams whether the champion would be the overall winner of the QCB vs Bosnyan series, or whether the champion would be the team with the best tiebreakers following the single QCB vs Bosnyan match on Sunday. USQ's Gameplay Department met after the event to discuss a resolution to this situation.

After considering a wide variety of scenarios, USQ determined that the winner of the community division would be established using USQ's tiebreaker policy, taking into account all games played by both teams on Saturday (a full single round robin), and the games that each of the two teams played against common opponents or each other on Sunday, which was just the single game that the two teams played against each other. With this tiebreaker setup, both teams played an equal number of games (5), which means that averages do not have to be used. They tied on win record (4 wins). On head to head, they were equal as they had each beaten one another once. They also tied on record before snitch catch (3.5 wins). Bosnyan had a lower total quaffle points against (190) than QCB (210), which means that Bosnyan is the community division champion, and QCB is the runner-up.

The third and final bid was also determined using USQ tiebreakers; however, it took into account all games played by both teams that weekend. This decision was made on-site at the event prior to the Rogues vs Rochester Hailstorm (Hailstorm) match. (This method was not used for the QCB vs Bosnyan game because it would have inherently favored QCB, which played the 5th seed on Sunday, over Bosnyan, which played both the 3rd and 4th seeds on Sunday. Unlike in the Rogues vs Hailstorm matchup, in which the two teams explicitly acknowledged prior to the match that this method would be utilized, QCB and Bosnyan did not explicitly acknowledge any one method of adjusting for the games removed from the schedule when determining the champion, and so this method was not used.)

Since the Rogues and Hailstorm each played a different number of games (Rogues played 6, Hailstorm played 5), the tiebreaker policy for teams with an uneven number of games applied, with the win record and win record before snitch both being ranked by the number of losses, and then using the average of quaffle points against, quaffle points for, and snitch catch percentages. As Rochester Hailstorm beat Rogues in the final game, Hailstorm won on win record (3 losses compared to Rogues’ 5 loses).


Scores for the entire tournament are available in the Schedule and Scores spreadsheet here, on the "Saturday Scores - Collegiate," "Collegiate Bracket," and "Scores - Community" tabs, respectively. Scores will be posted on the USQ website and reflected in the USQ standings later this week.


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US Quidditch wishes to congratulate University of Rochester and Bosnyan Bearsharks, along with all qualifying and competing teams who raised funds, traveled to the event, and played tough and exciting games. We would like to especially thank all of the attendees for accommodating the necessary schedule changes. USQ is also grateful to the volunteers, referees, snitch runners, and staff who helped plan and run the event.

Special thanks to Rochester, NY Sports Commission for their support of the 2018 Northeast Regional Championship.