World Cup

US National Team at IQA World Cup: USA vs. Belgium

USA wins gold after defeating Belgium in the championship match.

The U.S. National Team won its third IQA World Cup title on Sunday, defeating Belgium by a score of 120*-70 in Florence, Italy. Seeker Harry Greenhouse caught the snitch within thirty-eight seconds, recording his sixth snitch catch of the tournament.

Photo by: Miguel Esparza

The USNT started strong out of the gates, scoring the first three goals of the game and forcing Belgium to call a quick timeout. Belgium then clawed its way back into the match with strong beating and accurate passing on the fast break. Never allowing the game to slip out of snitch range, Belgium even narrowed the score to 60-50 late in the game. After an American timeout, chaser Simon Arends scored two clutch mid-range shots to reestablish an all-important 30-point lead heading into snitch on pitch. Behind constant pressure from beaters Max Havlin and Lulu Xu, Arends finished the game atop the scoresheet with four goals.