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12th Edition of USQ Rulebook Released

US Quidditch Rulebook 12 is now available and will be in effect for the 2018-19 season.

US Quidditch is proud to announce the 12th edition of the rulebook! The USQ rules team, comprised of year-round USQ volunteers and officials, has been meeting weekly throughout the season to develop necessary changes to the rules of our sport.

This year, a major focus of the team was on clarifying the rules by using a clearer, easier to understand tone of voice. Readers of this year’s edition should have a much easier time understanding the intent behind the rules.

One of the other biggest changes to this year’s rulebook is the shift from a pillbox shaped field to a rectangular pitch. We believe this change will make field lining significantly easier, particularly for those unfamiliar with the sport. The field lining guide in Section 2 has been updated accordingly.

US Quidditch Rulebook 12 can be accessed online here. The print version of the rulebook, which will include more photos, will be available for sale later this month.

This rulebook will go into effect for the 2018-19 season in the United States. To view the full changelog from the 11th edition, please view Appendix E in the rulebook.

For questions about rules, please email Membership Director Eric Schnier at

Summary of major changes

US Quidditch makes changes to the rulebook for several different reasons: to improve the clarity of existing rules, to make the game safer and flow better, and to make sure the rulebook is consistent with the way the game is evolving.

Appendix E in the rulebook includes a full changelog. In addition to the tone and the pitch shape, some of the major rule changes include:

3.2. The starting line has been removed from the field of play. Teams may now start the game in any formation behind their keeper zone line.

3.3.4. Added timeouts to regulation play. Each team is permitted one timeout per game, which are only usable in regulation time. The timeout lasts for one minute.

5.5. Section defining bludger immunity and the third bludger adjusted to clarify legal actions by the team with bludger control in an immunity situation.

For a list of all changes, please see Appendix E, the change log.


Last season, USQ released a casebook alongside the rulebook. An updated version of the casebook will be available later this summer.  The casebook is meant to help clarify how different rules interact, as well as provide examples of how the rules are applied to real game situations.

The examples in the casebook are designed to guide the decisions of USQ certified officials by demonstrating proper application of the rules. They are not intended to replace the in-game judgement calls of the officials, especially in the realm of calling “no harm no foul.” Additionally, these situations are presented with the assumption of normal gameplay, and do not take into account unusual or extenuating circumstances that may arise in specific instances of play. Such circumstances should be considered by any official while applying the rules.

If you have any questions about the casebook, or have suggestions for rules to be clarified in future editions of the casebook, please email those questions, using the subject line “Casebook” to