World Cup

US National Team at IQA World Cup: USA vs. Ireland

USA faced Ireland in their first game of the day at IQA World Cup and won, 230* - 0. 

Group Play Game 1: USA vs. Ireland (10 am GMT+2, 4 am EDT)

The US National Team is off to a 1-0 start after a commanding 230* - 0 win over Ireland. Harry Greenhouse, on his first go at the snitch, grabbed to end the game. This is the U.S.’s 20th win all-time, bringing them to a 20-1 record, while dropping Ireland’s record to 5-18. This was the first time these two teams have met.

The U.S. will play Italy next at 12 pm local time, 6 am EDT. Livestream followers can catch the USNT’s matchup against Australia on the IQA livestream at 3 pm GDT+2, 9 am EDT.