World Cup

US National Team at IQA World Cup: USA vs. Brazil

USA went 4-0 on day one of IQA World Cup, beating Brazil in their final match of the day.

This article originally stated that Godoy played for Cal Quidditch. That is incorrect. Godot is with University of California Los Angeles. USQ regrets the error. 

Group Play Game 4: USA vs. Brazil (5:00 pm local time, 11:00 am EDT)

The USNT has defeated Brazil, 250*-0, finishing out the day with a 4-0 record. This is the U.S. team’s second win against Brazil, having beaten them 210*-0 at the 2016 IQA World Cup. Once again, USQ was represented on both sides of the match, with a Brazilian team featuring Phill Cain (Reluctantly Unaffiliated Quidditch), Pedro Godoy (University of California Los Angeles) and Adam Vincent (Villanova Community Quidditch alumni).

The U.S. will enter bracket play tomorrow with games starting at 9 am local time, 3 am EDT. Keep an eye on the USNT Facebook page and Twitter for updates as the USNT continues on its path to redemption.