USQ Update

USQ Update

Harry Greenhouse and David Pastula have joined the USQ Gameplay Department

The USQ Gameplay Department has two new members.

USQ is pleased to announce that Harry Greenhouse and David Pastula have joined the league as year-round Gameplay Coordinators, in which role they will also be contributing to the US Quidditch Cup 11, to be held this weekend in Round Rock, Texas.

Greenhouse joins the Gameplay Department in the midst of his seventh year as a player, currently for Quidditch Club Boston. He serves as co-commissioner of the Massachusetts Quidditch Conference, as well as coach for the Boston Night Riders of Major League Quidditch. Greenhouse previously played for the University of Maryland, including a year serving as captain.

Pastula, also a longtime player, competed at then-IQA World Cup V and VI for the Jetpack Ninja Dinosaurs From Space and his alma mater, Michigan State University, respectively. Pastula has served as Gameplay Coordinator at World Cup 8 and US Quidditch Cup 10, and will hold that same position for US Quidditch Cup 11.

Greenhouse and Pastula join current gameplay coordinators Michael Clark-Polner, Emily Hickmott, Sarah Kneiling, and Martin Pyne.

The Gameplay Department of US Quidditch is responsible for overseeing and creating league gameplay policies and programs, including determining the format and qualification processes for regional championships and US Quidditch Cup and ruling on disciplinary matters. In their capacities as Gameplay Coordinators, Greenhouse and Pastula will also be working this weekend to ensure that the college and community championships run smoothly and efficiently.

Greenhouse can be reached at, and Pastula can be reached at