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How to follow South Regional Championship this weekend

Follow live updates from Tuscaloosa, Alabama this weekend during the South Regional Championship.

Want to follow the action of the 2018 South Regional Championship? Look no further! You can follow along with scores and rankings by checking this Schedule and Scores spreadsheet. Scores are embedded immediately below.

We’ll be tweeting scores all weekend from @USQScores. Live updates and coverage of games will come from @LiveWithUSQ. The hashtag for the event is #SRC2018.

If you’re in the area, the event is free and open the public.


6250 Watermelon Road
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406



7:00am - Teams arrive
7:30am - Opening Ceremonies
8:00am - CofC vs. Florida, Knights vs. Tennessee, Miami vs. USM
8:45am - FSU vs. FGCU, Gamecock vs. USF
9:30am - Finest vs. Terminus, Siege vs. Storm
10:15am - CofC vs. Tennessee, Miami vs. Florida, Knights vs. USM
11:00am - FSU vs. Gamecock, FGCU vs. USF
11:45am - Siege vs. Terminus, Finest vs. Storm
12:30pm - Miami vs. Gamecock, Knights vs. FGCU, CofC vs. USF
1:15pm - Tennessee vs. Florida, FSU vs. USM
2:00pm - Finest vs. Siege, Storm vs. Terminus
2:45pm - Gamecock vs. CofC, Knights vs. USF, Miami vs. FGCU
3:30pm - Tennessee vs. USM, FSU vs. Florida
4:15pm - Siege vs. Storm, Finest vs. Terminus
5:00pm - Gamecock vs. Knights, CofC vs. FGCU, Miami vs. USF
5:45pm - FSU vs. Tennessee, Florida vs. USM
6:30pm - Finest vs. Storm, Siege vs. Terminus


7:00am - Teams arrive
8:00am - Gamecock vs. FGCU, CofC vs. USM, Miami vs. Tennessee
8:45am - Knights vs. Florida, FSU vs. USF
9:30am - Storm vs. Terminus, Finest vs. Siege
10:15am - FGCU vs. USM, Gamecock vs. Tennessee, Florida vs. USF
11:00am - FSU vs. Knights, Miami vs. CofC
11:45am - Finest vs. Storm, Siege vs. Terminus
12:30pm - Gamecock vs. USM, Tennessee vs. USF, Florida vs. FGCU
1:15pm - Miami vs. Knights, FSU vs. CofC
2:00pm - Siege vs. Storm, Finest vs. Terminus
2:45pm - USM vs. USF, Gamecock vs. Florida, Tennessee vs. FGCU
3:30pm - Miami vs. FSU, Knights vs. CofC
4:15pm - Finest vs. Siege, Storm vs. Terminus

A short medal ceremony will follow the final round of games.

Throughout the day, we will be offering free youth quidditch programs. Youth quidditch is a non-contact adaption of the sport that’s great for all ages. To participate, come to the HQ tent and fill out a waiver. We’ll give the participant a wristband. We will provide all the teachers and equipment!


Food will be available for purchase on site. Free parking is available.


USQ merchandise will be available for sale. We are selling event t-shirts, trading cards, zip-ups, and more. We accept credit cards and cash.


Select games may be livestreamed through USQ’s Facebook Page. Fans can also follow The Eighth Man and The Quidditch Post for additional coverage.

South Regional Championship is in partnership with Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports.

If you wish to learn more information about US Quidditch, please sign up for our email list. For any questions about the event, contact