USQ Update

USQ Update

USQ Events Department Adds One Member

Effective immediately, Audrey Wheeler joins USQ’s Events Department as Hospitality Coordinator.

As Hospitality Coordinator, Audrey Wheeler will provide support to USQ events in the areas of team services, guest services, vendors, and other areas of hospitality, and work in conjunction with the rest of the Hospitality team in the Events Department, which also includes Cuervo Algein, Megan Anderson, Elizabeth Barcelos (who recently transferred to the team after some time in USQ’s Communications Department) Brandi Cannon, and Erin LaRue.  


Audrey Wheeler is attending Florida State University, with hopes of someday working as a correspondent for The New York Times. Aside from journalism and politics, one of her main hobbies is quidditch.

“I first heard of the sport being competitive after seeing a tweet about tickets for [World Cup 8] in high school, and I quickly started doing research to see if the colleges I had applied to had teams,” said Wheeler. In her sophomore year of college, she became president of the Florida State University team and the Florida Quidditch Conference, and nows enjoy being a player with Gainesville Siege.

Wheeler’s first involvement with USQ was when she was on staff for US Quidditch Cup 10. “The organizational part of quidditch drew me in even more and I'm excited to work with USQ from here on out!” she said.

She can be reached at



Cuervo Algien first started playing quidditch in 2014. He has competed with Death Row Quidditch as well as SHSU Quidditch. He joined USQ staff in 2016. In February 2017, Algien oversaw the youth quidditch program at USQ’s South Regional Championship in Columbia, South Carolina, which resulted in over 100 kids learning how to play the sport.

He can be reached at



Megan Anderson first learned about quidditch five years ago, and knew that she had to find a way to get involved. “Never having played the sport before, I was a bit nervous about applying to be part of the organization but decided to throw in an application anyway as I knew I was passionate about the opportunity. I was thrilled to discover that I had been invited to join the organization and the rest is history. While I still have never played quidditch on a team, I love being an advocate for this community and being part of the team that helps make the player and spectator experience for this sport memorable,” she said.

Anderson started in USQ working as an Executive Assistant to then CEO/Commissioner Alex Benepe, and moved into hospitality in 2015. “One of my favorite experience was helping make 'Qwaffles' for players at World Cup VII. I still hear players and staff talk about it to this day,” she said.

She can be reached at



Elizabeth Barcelos is an experienced tournament director and writer. She joined the quidditch team at San José State University in California in 2013, eventually becoming president there. She also has been involved with the Northern California Quidditch Conference, and is the Co-Commissioner for the 2017-18 season. She is the current team manager of the San Francisco Argonauts, a Major League Quidditch team. She joined USQ staff in 2015 as West Regional Coordinator.

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Brandi Cannon started playing quidditch in 2009 with Sam Houston State University (SHSU) of Huntsville, Texas. She served as the President and Co-Captain of the team, and joined USQ staff in 2012 as a state representative for Texas. Cannon has organized many tournaments, including Breakfast Taco and USQ Southwest Regional Championship. She transitioned to the hospitality team in 2015, co-creating the quidditch history exhibit for US Quidditch Cup 9 along with former team member (now Great Lakes Regional Coordinator) Matt Dwyer.

Cannon is a scientist with a passion for plants, and recently received a master’s degree from Columbia University in New York City.

She can be reached at



Erin LaRue got hooked on quidditch during her freshman year at Stephen F. Austin State University, and joined USQ staff in the fall of 2016. Now in her sophomore year, she plays for Lumberjack Quidditch.

She can be reached at

Interested in joining the hospitality team? USQ is currently looking for one or two more volunteers to help out 2-3 hours a week. Learn more and apply here.