Two New Volunteers in the Membership Department

Chris Choquette and Nicole Hammer join the USQ Membership Department.

US Quidditch is thrilled to announce two new volunteers in the membership department: Southwest Regional Coordinator, Chris Choquette, and Youth Quidditch Coordinator, Nicole Hammer!

Chris Choquette as Southwest Regional Coordinator

Effective immediately, Chris Choquette will join USQ in the volunteer role of regional coordinators for the Southwest region. Choquette is currently a student at Texas A&M University working towards a degree in Technology Management. He has been involved with quidditch for three seasons at Texas A&M. While he was originally drawn towards the sport for its connection to Harry Potter, he says he decided to stick around due to the intensity and competitiveness of the sport: “I appreciate the community and love nothing more than having the opportunity to represent the Southwest!”

Choquette will join the seven other regional coordinators in acting as liaisons between USQ and the teams and players in each respective region. Regional coordinators relay team concerns and feedback to USQ staff, while helping answer questions and explain league policies to players. They also provide support with league-wide projects, such as assisting with league expansion, planning for the future of the league, and selecting finalists and locations for USQ events.

The current US Quidditch Regional Coordinators are:

Great Lakes - Matt Dwyer
Mid-Atlantic - Erik Morlock
Midwest - KT Quasarano
Northwest - Kym Couch
South - Grace Weidemann
Southwest - Chris Choquette
West -  Jess Ward

Nicole Hammer as Youth Quidditch Coordinator

Nicole Hammer is joining the Membership Department in the role of Youth Quidditch Coordinator. Hammer has been in quidditch since 2011, initially as the Captain/Founder of the University of Tampa Spartan Quidditch Team. She has held multiple leadership roles such as Florida Quidditch Conference President and Interim Executive Director for the International Quidditch Association.

She is currently a Masters student at the University of Central Florida and holds a certificate in Sports Industry from Columbia University and a Bachelors in Social Work from UCF.

When she is not traveling/doing work for quidditch or crying into her school work, you can find her actually playing the sport as a beater for Gainesville Siege or making a terrible pun.

The role of the Youth Quidditch Coordinator is to facilitate programs and resources targeted towards elementary, middle and high school students across the country. In her new role, Hammer will assist USQ  in developing youth leagues, designing recreation curriculums, facilitating youth quidditch at events, and more.


Hammer joins longtime USQ volunteer Jeremy Schleicher in working on youth quidditch. Over the past 11 years, Schleicher has been a spectator, player, coach, and USQ staff member, but his passion and commitment for the sport is as strong as ever. While he initially joined the community out of his love for all things Harry Potter, he stayed because of the creativity and dedication he witnesses from USQ's players every day.

Schleicher's favorite moment as a staffer was during this past US Quidditch Cup, when he had the chance to work with the Sunrise Spellcasters, an elementary school quidditch team located in Orlando, Florida. Their dedication to quidditch and passion for teamwork is the reason he continues to work towards expanding USQ's youth programs, and he looks forward to meeting more teams of all ages.