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Revision to day 2 of Northeast Regional Championship schedule

After taking into account player feedback regarding the format of the Northeast Regional Championship, USQ is revising the gameplay schedule to allow more teams to be in the running for the collegiate championship on the second day of the tournament.

New Schedule

The new format for day two of the collegiate regional championship is available here. Please note that the schedule for day 1 remains as is.

In the new schedule, eight total teams (the top two in each pool) will advance to the championship bracket on day 2. This bracket will be structured so that the top four teams (the highest-seeded team from each pool) must lose twice on Sunday to be removed from contention for the championship, and the second seeds from each pool will be eliminated from championship contention on their first day 2 loss. If the winner of Game Q wins Game T, the two teams will play again (Game V) to determine the champion, as neither team will have met the above criteria for elimination.

The top team from each pool will receive a bid to US Quidditch Cup 11 upon the conclusion of day 1. The second-seeded team from each pool will receive a bid if they win their first game of day 2. If they lose their first game in the championship bracket, they will continue to compete for one of the remaining bids through the qualification bracket. 

The pools will remain the same as originally listed, and the third and fourth place teams from each pool will still also advance to day 2 to compete for bids to US Quidditch Cup 11.

Rationale for Changes

One of USQ’s highest priorities at regional championships is to develop a fair gameplay schedule that ensures, as accurately as possible, that a region’s US Quidditch Cup bids are issued to the top teams in that region. The Gameplay Team customizes the exact format of each regional championship based on a variety of factors, including number of teams, number of bids, number of fields, and availability of officials.

The original schedule for the Northeast Regional Championship was the product of lengthy discussion among the Gameplay Team, and was devised in order to maintain the integrity of the bid determination system and to heighten the importance of games being played on the first day of the tournament. Additionally, the original schedule was devised in order to ensure an equitable and safe gameplay experience for community teams, to avoid compromising the community division schedule for the sole benefit of the college division.

Based on feedback from both college and community teams that has indicated a strong preference for ensuring that more teams remain in contention for the collegiate regional championship going into day 2, the Gameplay Team has devised a new schedule that preserves the emphasis on accurate determination of US Quidditch Cup bids and exciting day 1 gameplay, while also addressing player concerns. Under this new schedule, the structure for issuing bids remains unchanged, with the exception of the start time of specific matches within the bracket.

USQ did receive a proposal that was presented as the consensus of the majority of teams attending Northeast Regional Championship. The priorities emphasized in the teams’ proposal (specifically the focus on additional teams advancing to contend for the championship on day 2) are included in the revised schedule.

USQ appreciates the feedback we have received from teams regarding the schedule, and we hope that this new format addresses players’ concerns. While it will not always be possible to make immediate changes in response to players’ concerns, USQ is always happy to receive feedback on policies and proposals, and to adjust them as possible and when necessary.

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