USQ Update


2017 “Starter Kit” Equipment Grant Winner

This season's recipient of the USQ “Starter Kit” Equipment Grant is Bad and Rougie Quidditch Club.

Bad and Rougie Quidditch Club is a new community team in the Southwest region, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The team currently has 23 players, but hopes to have 25-40 athletes as a part of their program, comprised not only of veterans from last year’s Gulf Coast Gumbeaux, but several other Louisiana teams, as well as a significant number of players entirely new to the sport of quidditch.

The team’s aims to use this Starter Kit not only to grow their own team, but to help quidditch in the state of Louisiana. The experienced players on their team are already making a concerted effort to help college teams within the state learn how to play more effectively by hosting open practices, in the hopes of sending more Louisiana teams to US Quidditch Cup every year.

As they said in their application, “We also want to help development the overall quality of Louisiana Quidditch at the college, high school, and even elementary levels. We will be hosting weekly positional clinics where all are levels of players are welcome. We hope to promote the development in individual positions, to increase the overall talent and community friendship in Louisiana quidditch.”

The Equipment Grant is eligible to first-year USQ official teams with at least 10 members and includes:

  • One full set of hoops (six hoops per set)
  • One Baden Matchpoint size 5 quaffle
  • Three Champion bludgers
  • One snitch short set (includes shorts, sock, and tennis ball)
  • Two full sets of headbands (seven per set: one green, one yellow, two black, three white)
  • Two sets of practice pinnies (12 per set, each set a different color)
  • One set of short practice cones (20 per set)
  • One athletic first aid kit

Applications are evaluated based on need for the equipment, effort to procure other funding and dedication to community outreach.

Interested in applying for next year’s Starter Kit? Information can be found here and further questions can be emailed to Membership Director Eric Schnier at