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USQ Reset Rule Clarification

The USQ Rules Team simplifies “reset rule.”

In order to help clear up some of the confusion within the community regarding how best to define a reset under the new “reset rule”, section 7.4 in Rulebook 11. the USQ Rules Team has created a clarification of the rule. This information can be used to supplement USQ Rulebook 11, available as a pdf here, as well as the USQ Casebook, available as a pdf here.

1. Propelled Resets

Basic Idea: If you propel the quaffle backwards over a restrictor line, it is a reset, regardless of why it was propelled (including on a shot). 

2. Carried Resets

Basic Idea: You can carry the quaffle backwards over a restrictor line to get around a defender, but you are limited while behind the line, and must quickly return in front of it.

a. Challenged Forward Progress

Basic Idea: You can only go backwards to get around someone who is actively threatening you with either physical contact or a beat, otherwise it is a reset.

b. Defender Blocks Your Path Behind the Line.

Basic Idea: If you cross behind the line to get around someone, but they follow and block your path, your options are to cut back towards the restrictor line, or go through the defender (if legal). If you cut deeper behind the line, it’s a reset.

3. Defensive Fault

Basic Idea: If the defense directly causes the quaffle to travel backwards over the restrictor line (stripped, deflected, physically contacting the quaffle carrier and forcing them back) it is not a reset.

a. You can’t stay behind the restrictor line.

Basic Idea: Even if forced back over, if the quaffle is retained/regained (without the opposing team possessing it), the offense must still immediately act to get the quaffle back in front of the line, otherwise, it is a reset.

4. Reset to Nobody

Basic Idea: It is illegal (Penalty: Turnover) to throw the quaffle backwards over a restrictor line if there is not an eligible receiver (i.e. a non knocked out quaffle player) that you are throwing it to.  (This part is largely the same as previous years).

a. Exception: Kicking or swatting it back over a restrictor line is a reset, but does not need to be to an eligible receiver, unless the ball was made loose so as to kick or swat it back.   

b. Exception: A shot attempt that crosses backwards over the midfield line is a reset, but does not need to be to an eligible receiver. 

5. Drives

Basic Idea: When the quaffle is gained from the other team, a drive begins (see rulebook for more detail).  When a drive begins, the reset count resets to 0.

a. Free reset at the start of a drive.

Basic Idea: when you gain the quaffle from the opposing team, ending their drive and starting a new drive, your first action may be to carry or propel the quaffle backwards over one or both lines without it being a reset.  

Any attempt to notably advance the quaffle first (beyond momentum) negates this exception.

This does mean you can legally propel it backwards over the line to nobody at this time.

To learn more about the USQ Rulebook, please visit the rules page of our website here. Questions about this rules clarification can be sent to