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New Volunteers Announced for Referee Team

The USQ Referee Team has added several new volunteers.

US Quidditch is thrilled to announce the Referee Team for the 2017-18 season. In addition to several new volunteers, 2016-17 Referee Coordinator Alec Powers will be remaining on the team. The referee team focuses on improving the quality of referee resources, updating the referee tests to target areas of specific need or improvement, overseeing the administration of referees throughout the USQ season, and scheduling referees for USQ events.

Referee tests for this season will be available by mid-August. Field tests may begin after the new tests have been released. To arrange field testing at your tournament, please contact Membership Director Eric Schnier at

Justin Bogart


Dr. Justin Bogart started playing quidditch in 2006 on the first team at Middlebury College. Since then he has remained a dedicated member of the community and has sought to further the development of refereeing both nationally and internationally. In 2012, he became an original member of the Referee Development Team (RDT) of the then International Quidditch Association where he served as the team's Mid-Atlantic representative. During the IQA/US Quidditch split, Bogart left the RDT to be a founding member of the International Referee Development Program (IRDP) and continue his dedication to the improvement of quidditch refereeing standards abroad. Now residing in southern California and playing for The Lost Boys, Bogart looks forward to joining the USQ Officials Team as a Referee Coordinator where he hopes to mentor new and returning quidditch referees over the coming seasons.

Andrew Canto


Andrew Canto has been a certified referee for the past seven years and held several referee administration positions within the USQ, IQA, Major League Quidditch (MLQ), and IRDP. Canto has a passion for developing and mentoring new referees to add to the sport.

Chris Coleman


Chris Coleman has been involved in quidditch for six years and refereeing for four years. He played for Virginia Tech for four years before retiring from playing to be a non-playing referee. As a full-time teacher, Coleman hopes to bring his educational techniques to referee testing and development. Coleman currently resides in Fairfax, Virginia.

Kym Couch


Kym began volunteering for USQ (then IQA) in 2013 as a staff writer, later transitioning to Northwest Regional Coordinator. She has contributed as an editor for the past four USQ rulebooks, as well as creating rulebook study tools for prospective referees. Kym will be continuing to serve as Northwest Regional Coordinator while working in this position to mentor and improve referees.

Clay Dockery


Clay Dockery has served many different quidditch roles over the years. He was a founding member of the original IQA Referee Development Team, has served as USQ Rules Team Manager, is currently Head of Officials for MLQ, and continues to volunteer as a referee at many events throughout the country.

Josh Mansfield


Josh Mansfield has been involved in quidditch refereeing since 2014, and has served as a US Quidditch field test proctor since 2015. He was USQ Referee of the Month for January 2017. Mansfield has served as the Southwest Regional Coordinator for the past two years. He is transitioning out of that role into his new one on the Referee Team. Mansfield is based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Toby March


Toby has been reffing quidditch since 2012, originally as a member of the Ithaca College Hex and later as a non-playing official at tournaments across North America and Europe. He is excited to provide improvement resources and logistical support to referees of all regions and levels of experience. When not engaged in quidditch business, Toby also refs flat-track roller derby, works as a software engineer, and volunteers with Showing Up for Racial Justice.

Alec Powers


Alec Powers started playing quidditch at Carthage College in 2011. He moved to a more competitive team in 2014 when he enrolled at Illinois State University and was reffing by his first tournament that fall. This will be his second season on Referee Team, and he is looking forward to all the amazing things the team can do this season.

Julia Thomas


Julia Thomas first joined quidditch in 2010. She played with the University of Southern California Quidditch Team for six seasons, has been a referee since 2012, and has volunteered with former IQA/current USQ since 2012. Julia was a part of the former IQA Expansion Division, was on the organizing teams of Western Cup 3 in 2012 and West Regionals 2013-2015, represented quidditch at San Diego Comic Con in 2012, and was an exhibitioner for the sport at Stan Lee's Comikaze 2012 and Vidcon 2014 and 2015. She has been involved in over 50 official tournaments and series in her quidditch career.

Sequoia Thomas


Sequoia Thomas is a former member of the IQA RDT and Director of the International Referee Development Program, and cannot wait to apply her previous experience to fostering an emphasis on referee improvement and retention.

For questions about referees, please contact Eric Schnier at Learn more about how to volunteer with USQ here.

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