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US Quidditch Speaks Out Against SB6 and HB2899 in Texas

US Quidditch is against gender-based discrimination, including Senate Bill 6 in Texas and similar such legislation being considered in states across the country.

Update on August 17

"Our events must be safe for all athletes, fans, and volunteers, regardless of their gender. We look forward to working with our partners in Texas this season. As our friends at Athlete Ally said, y'all means all." - Sarah Woolsey, Executive Director

Update on June 6

On Tuesday, June 6, the governor of Texas called a special session of the Texas Legislature, from July 18 through August 18. In his announcement, Gov. Greg Abbott laid out an agenda of several specific items that the legislature is permitted to take up in the session, including legislation similar to HB2899, which would regulate which restrooms transgender individuals in Texas can use.

While the specific scope of the legislation to consider in the special session is unclear at this time, US Quidditch is disappointed that gender-based discriminatory legislation is once again on the agenda for the Texas Legislature. The safety and security of all attendees is a top priority for our events, and we will be following pending legislation that may affect events we may hold in Texas. Lubbock, Round Rock, and Wichita Falls, the three cities in Texas who are currently finalists for hosting USQ events in the 2017-18 season, are aware of our opposition to gender-based discrimination in all forms, including the bills described above.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and we have a number of backup plans in place. Those with questions or concerns may contact Executive Director Sarah Woolsey at

Our original statement is below.


The mission of US Quidditch is to organize events and programs that build community and empower all genders to compete together. Our sport is mixed gender. Gender inclusivity is built into our rulebook, and it is a trait that is shared across the quidditch community world-wide.

One of our core values is to be a leader in gender inclusivity for all age groups. We are strongly against gender-based discrimination in all forms, including recently proposed legislation in Texas. As announced on Monday, three cities in Texas are finalists for USQ events next season. USQ is concerned for the safety of our athletes, volunteers, officials, staff, and fans, should any discriminatory legislation (including so-called “bathroom bills”) be signed into law in the state of Texas.

As always, we will continue to ensure that event locations are inclusive for all participants, no matter their gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic. Outside of the event facility, we will continue to do everything we can to ensure that our events are hosted in communities that are safe for all participants.

It is important to us that our events are hosted in communities that are supportive and safe for everyone involved. Should the bill pass, it will be very difficult for USQ to host any events in Texas.


The Texas Senate approved Senate Bill 6 (SB6) earlier this legislative session. The bill would require people to use restrooms and other facilities that match the biological sex on their birth certificate, rather than their gender. The Texas House has been working on its own version of the bill, House Bill 2899, which would affect local anti-discrimination ordinances protecting transgender Texans’ access to public restrooms. USQ is concerned for similar, new legislation that could still be signed into law, including as amendments to other bills. USQ will continue to monitor this and related legislation.

For questions or concerns, please contact Executive Director Sarah Woolsey at