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First and second place winners at Northwest Regional Championship

USQ sincerely apologizes for an error that led to an incorrect team being awarded the Northwest Regional Championship.

At the conclusion of the Northwest Regional Championship this evening, which was held in a round-robin format, USQ improperly followed the league’s tiebreaker procedures, which resulted in the championship being erroneously awarded to Utah State Quidditch Club. Instead, according to the procedures, Boise State Abraxans should have been declared the winner of the tournament.

Staff realized their mistake immediately following the close of the medal ceremony; however, at that point, all teams had left Columbia Park and no one else was on site. A conference was held with members of USQ staff, including those on the USQ gameplay team, to verify the error and correct the standings.

This error does not impact the US Quidditch Cup bids that were awarded at the tournament. Utah State and Boise State have still qualified for US Quidditch Cup 10. The corrected full standings are available at the end of this article.

USQ sincerely apologizes to all players and teams, especially to Boise State and Utah State, for this error. We understand that our players expect better of USQ, and we are sorry that we have fallen short of this standard. We have personally contacted the leaders of the directly impacted teams to apologize and to remedy this error, and we are committed to ensuring that mistakes of this nature do not happen again.

After player safety, efficient and accurate gameplay administration remains USQ’s top priority. Before the start of US Quidditch Cup 10 on April 8th, USQ will release a plan to prevent a mistake like this from happening again.

Additional information regarding the error may be found below. Please contact with any additional questions.

Further Details

Per USQ’s tiebreaker policy, the primary comparison for rankings was win percentage, followed by head-to-head, then point differential per game (100 points hard cap per game based on the final score at the end of the game, including both quaffle and snitch points), and lastly, snitch catch percentage.

At the end of the tournament, USQ staff verified all scores, generated the rankings, and presented the results to teams. Three teams had the same win-loss record, and of those, no one team won head to head against both of the other teams: Utah State, Boise State, and Provo Quidditch. Per the tiebreaker policy, Provo Quidditch received the third place spot as they had the lowest point differential (+130). Rather than award the first place spot to Boise State, who had the highest point differential of +390, staff mistakenly went back to the top of the tiebreaker list, and awarded Utah State first place, as they had defeated Boise State head to head. Utah State had a point differential of +260.

The confusion arose from this line of the tiebreaker policy: “If at any point within the tie-breaking procedure one or more of the the teams are eliminated, the procedure shall then revert to the beginning of the tiebreaker list with the remaining teams.” In awarding Provo Quidditch the third place spot, staff wrongfully interpreted that to be an elimination, and reverted to the beginning of the tiebreaker list.

Full Standings

Six teams participated in the regional championship, which took place at Columbia Park in Kennewick, Washington on March 4, 2017. The final standings are below. Teams in bold are US Quidditch Cup 10 qualifiers. They will be among the 60 teams nationally that have received a spot to compete for the tenth national championship in Kissimmee, Florida over April 8 and 9, 2017.

  1. Boise State Abraxans

  2. Utah State Quidditch Club

  3. Provo Quidditch

  4. Rain City Raptors

  5. Western Washington University Wyverns

  6. Emerald City Admirals

The full score sheet can be found here.

Post-Event Feedback

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US Quidditch wishes to congratulate all qualifying and competing teams who raised funds, traveled to the event, and played tough and exciting games. USQ is especially grateful to its staff, volunteers, referees, and snitches who helped plan and put on the event. Their contributions help to make the event possible. Special thanks to the Visit Tri-Cities for their support of Northwest Regional Championship.