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Gameplay Information for 2017 Southwest Regional Championship

The gameplay format, pools, and bracket structure for the 2017 Southwest Regional Championship are announced below.

An update to pools and the gameplay schedule is available below. 

The pools for the 2017 USQ Southwest Regional Championship are as follows (listed in alphabetical order):

Pool A: Austin Quidditch, Gulf Coast Gumbeaux, Lone Star Quidditch Club, San Marcos Sharknados, Tulane University

Pool B: Louisiana State University, Lumberjack Quidditch, Texas Cavalry, Texas Tech Quidditch, University of Texas San Antonio

Pool C: Baylor University, North Texas Firebolts, Texas A&M Quidditch, Texas State University - San Marcos, The Silver Phoenix

Pool D: DeathRow Quidditch Team, Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club, Oklahoma State University, SHSU Quidditch, Texas Quidditch, Tribe

The gameplay schedule can be found here, while information on the regional championship can be found here.

On Sunday, the top five teams in each pool make the 20-team bracket.  Twelve teams will qualify for nationals, and there will be two ways to qualify: 1) Reach the Round 8, 2) Teams who lose in the Quarterfinals will be placed into Consolation Rounds, needing up to two additional victories to attain a nationals berth.

After pool play, teams earning a 1-12 seed can qualify for nationals with either of the following win-loss patterns:  W or L-W-W or L-W-L-W or L-L-W-W.  Teams seeded 13-20 after pool play must win one additional game ahead of following either of the previously listed patterns.

As it was last season, teams will be seeded into the bracket with consideration to their placement in pool play. The four teams who finish first in their pool will be compared against each other according to our tiebreakers (as listed below) for the top four spots in the bracket. The teams who place second in their pools will be compared against each other for spots 5-8, etc.

The process

The original ranked list was divided into six pots by seed. A random draw determined which pool would have six teams. From the list of ranked teams, each pool had one team randomly drawn from each pot. The rankings were based on the USQ standings, per the rankings algorithm described here.  The pots that teams were drawn from are as follows:

Pot 1: Texas Cavalry, Gulf Coast Gumbeaux, Texas State University - San Marcos, Texas Quidditch

Pot 2: Texas A&M Quidditch, Oklahoma State University, Lone Star Quidditch Club, University of Texas San Antonio

Pot 3: Texas Tech Quidditch, SHSU Quidditch, Tulane University, The Silver Phoenix

Pot 4: Baylor University, Louisiana State University, San Marcos Sharknados, Tribe

Pot 5:Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club, Austin Quidditch, Lumberjack Quidditch, North Texas Firebolts

Pot 6: DeathRow Quidditch Team

Update to gameplay schedule

Texas Tech Quidditch did not submit a roster by the deadline, which was Friday, February 17 at 9am CT. Per USQ's roster policy, they may not compete this weekend.

Per the forfeit policy, their games on Saturday will be entered into the USQ rankings as forfeits. They will not be counted as forfeits for the purposes of tournament bracket seeding.

Texas Tech was in pool B. Their games have been removed from the gameplay schedule. To ensure that all teams are playing the same number of games and face a similar gameplay structure for pool play games counting towards bracket seeding, the pools have been adjusted slightly to have four pools of five teams each. As such, the pot 6 team, DeathRow, has been moved from Pool D to Pool B. Their games will be scheduled during the time slots that were previously Texas Tech games. Their games will be opponents at the same time as they were originally scheduled to play Texas Tech.

The pools are:

Pool A: Gumbeaux, LSQC, Tulane, Sharknados, Austin

Pool B: Cavalry, UTSA, LSU, Lumberjack, DeathRow

Pool C: Tx St., TAMU, Phoenix, Baylor, Firebolts

Pool D: Texas, OSU, SHSU, Tribe, Cosmos

DeathRow’s games will be as follows:

  • 9:10am on pitch 3: DeathRow vs Texas Cavalry

  • 11:10am on pitch 4: Lumberjack vs DeathRow

  • 1:40pm on pitch 4: DeathRow vs UTSA

  • 5:40pm on pitch 1: LSU vs DeathRow

The gameplay schedule is available here. Adjustments have been made to the referee schedule to continue to ensure that teams are not refereeing games within their own pool, and to accommodate the change of pools for DeathRow.

Certified head referees, certified lead assistant referees, and certified snitch runners who were assigned to Texas Tech’s games as well as the original pool D DeathRow games will still be compensated, per the referee payment policy.