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Gameplay Information for 2017 Northwest Regional Championship

The gameplay format and schedule for the 2017 Northwest Regional Championship are announced below.

The 2017 USQ Northwest Regional Championship will be a round robin tournament. All six teams will play all other teams at the event. There will be no additional bracket structure.

The gameplay schedule can be found here, while information on the regional championship can be found here.

The team with the highest ranking at the end of the tournament will be the Regional Champion and will qualify for US Quidditch Cup 10. The team who has the second-highest ranking at the end of the tournament will also qualify for the national championship.

Rankings will be based on the USQ tiebreaker policy. The primary comparison will be win percentage, followed by head-to-head, then point differential per game (100 points hard cap per game based on the final score at the end of the game, including both quaffle and snitch points), then snitch catch percentage.

Questions about the gameplay format, schedule, or event in general can be directed to