Amodol, Nackasha, and Niederberger are Referees of the Month

USQ announces its referees of the month for the start of 2016-2017 season: Alex Amodol, Brian Nackasha, and Matthew Niederberger.

Alex Amodol has been selected as Referee of the Month for October, and Brian Nackasha and Matthew Niederberger have been selected as the Referees of the Month for November.

Alex Amodol


Amodol has been involved with quidditch as a referee, player, and coach for several years. This season, he has received phenomenal reviews across the board from fellow referees and tournament directors. Most recently, he attended Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship, where he played for the Warriors and also refereed throughout the weekend.

Brian Nackasha and Matthew Niederberger


Like Amodol, Nackasha has been involved with quidditch for several seasons. Nackasha became involved with the global quidditch community this past summer when he officiated as a head referee at the International Quidditch Association’s World Cup. This season, he has overseen numerous field tests, increasing the number of certified referees in the South region. He has also refereed at many tournaments, at times even skipping his team’s games as a player in order to officiate on another pitch so that the tournament could run on schedule.


Niederberger has gone above and beyond this season in travelling to tournaments as a non-playing referee. His contributions at both Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships were integral for scheduling quality officials throughout the event. He was selected to work on the championship game referee crew for both regional championships he attended. In addition to the quantity of games he has officiated, he has received many positive reviews from referees and tournament directors.

USQ congratulates Amodol, Nackasha and Niederberger, and thanks them on behalf of the league for all the work that they do as officials.

The USQ Referee of the Month program runs throughout the season, selecting six referees who demonstrate a strong commitment to high quality officiating. The winners of the Referee of the Month Award will be eligible for the Referee of the Year award and a US Quidditch Cup travel grant.