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Clarification of 2016-17 Coach Requirement at Official Matches

Coaches must be present at all official matches, with the exception of emergency situations that arise during a tournament.

Based on feedback to the team requirements article posted on August 29, 2016, USQ is issuing a limited exception to the requirement that coaches must be present at all official matches for emergency situations that arise during a tournament.

Emergency Exception

In the case of a medical or personal emergency that arises during an event that causes a team’s certified coach to need to leave the event site, the team may continue to play without being required to forfeit their remaining games in the tournament, given the following:

  • This exception is only in effect when the certified coach unexpectedly leaves the game or event site due to a medical or personal emergency, or is leaving the event site to accompany one of their players to seek medical attention offsite.

  • The coach must have been present during the tournament. If a medical or personal emergency arises before the start of the event, the team is not exempted from the requirement of having a coach present onsite.

  • Before leaving the event site, the coach must inform the tournament director of the situation. If the coach is unable to directly inform the tournament director, a member of their team must immediately do so.

  • Upon return to the event site (if the coach returns before the end of the event), they must be present at all remaining official matches.

  • Within one week after the event, the coach must complete this form to affirm that they left for an emergency situation that arose during the event.

This exception is in place for all official games during the 2016-17 season, including USQ-hosted events.

Coach Requirement at Official Matches

The policy previously announced is as follows:

In the 2015-16 season, USQ required teams to have a certified coach registered with their team before they play in official games. Also, certified coaches only had to be present at official matches at USQ regional and national championships. To further protect player safety, encourage effective concussion evaluation, and ensure USQ policies are being followed at all official games, USQ is requiring that a team’s certified coach be present at all official matches starting September 12, 2016. We are aware that teams may not be prepared to have their certified coach present at all official games within the next few weeks at the start of the season, which is why we are granting a short grace period. Please note that teams may have more than one certified coach. Only one of them needs to be onsite at official matches.

To help with enforcement, USQ has created a public coach certification status list, similar to what we do for regional championship requirements. It will also help ensure that teams have more accountability in completing this requirement. However, it is the responsibility of the team to ensure that a certified coach is present at all official matches starting with September 12, 2016. If a team does not fulfil this requirement, they will be subject to forfeiting all games at the tournament they attended without a certified coach present. The coach certification status list will be available in September.

Coach Certification Requirements

In order to receive your USQ Coach Certification, please complete the following four steps.

1. Purchase a USQ coach membership (or coach upgrade for player members).

2. Create a free account and login to take the “Concussions in Sports” education course and email completion certificate to

  • All players and referees are also encouraged to complete this course for the sake of overall player safety

3. Complete the Positive Coaching Alliance webinar. Access instructions can be found on the coach dashboard here.

4. Take our USQ policy quiz located here.

To learn more about USQ coach certification and membership, please click here. Questions about coach certification and policy should be directed to Eric Schnier, USQ’s Membership Director, at