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2015-16 Referee of the Year

US Quidditch is excited to announce that Erin Mallory has won the Referee of the Year Award for the 2015-2016 season.

Mallory was selected as Referee of the Month in November after receiving high praise from referees, tournament staff, players, and spectators alike for her professionalism and the quality of her officiating at two separate regional championships this fall. 

The winner of the Referee of the Year Award is determined based on the number of officiated games in both head referee and assistant referee positions; feedback from coaches, other referees and event directors; and additional contributions to the sport as a referee field test proctor.

The Referee of the Year Award comes with a commemorative plaque and a travel stipend for US Quidditch Cup 9. However, as Erin will be playing for District of Columbia Quidditch Club in addition to refereeing at nationals, she is not eligible to accept the $1,000 stipend. The stipend will instead go to Referee of the Year runner-up Michael Clark-Polner, who has accepted this award.

“Winning this award is amazing to me,” says Mallory. “I'm so humbled that out of all the talented referees that won Referee of the Month, that I was selected and honored. I hope to do the Mid-Atlantic proud as well as all the other referees in quidditch, including Alex Scheer who won this last year. I'm feel so blessed to follow in his footsteps and do just as great as he did.”

Mallory started playing quidditch five years ago when she joined the University of Maryland quidditch team, attending World Cup V that November. The following year, she began working as an assistant and snitch referee. Her junior year, she began officiating intramural sports on campus at UMD, which prepared her for her USQ referee test at the beginning of her senior year.

Mallory also worked this year as a high school football referee, which she says helped her development as a referee. “I had up to 7 coaches at once yelling at me on the sideline for what they thought was a missed call, players trying to argue the spot, and fans yelling out because they thought I was incompetent because I was a female. After doing that, I knew I could handle any quidditch player and I never let myself get pushed around.”

“I have had quite a few games that I really enjoyed reffing,” says Mallory. “One of my favorites though would have to be the finals this year of Turtle Cup V between UNC and Rochester United. This was the first time I had head reffed a finals and was very excited to do so. It was a great match with lots of physicality where I think I stepped up and helped to ensure a clean and fair game. I also very much enjoyed Emerson vs. University of Rochester this year at NERC. This was a game in the secondary bracket. The winner would get to advance to play one more game for a shot at a bid while the loser was eliminated. Both of these teams were perennial World Cup attendees. At the captains meeting it was touching to see two players that I was very close to and to be able to assure them that I would call a clean and fair game with there being so much on the line. “

“I'm so thankful to everyone that has inspired me throughout my growth as a referee not only in quidditch but also across a multitude of sports.”

Fun Facts About Erin Mallory:

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite sport outside of quidditch: Football -- let's go Baltimore Ravens and the (very sad program that is) Maryland Terrapins!! Also very obvious I love it since it's the other sport I ref :)

Favorite pro-athlete: Love Torrey Smith <3 Why'd he leave the Ravens :'(

Favorite quidditch moment:  #humblebrag ;)

If you had to pick two teams to play against at World Cup, which teams would you pick:  vs. Texas and vs. Skrewts. I respect Texas as a program and would love the chance to play them again. I last played Skrewts at WCV in about a 10 minute game where they won 30*-20. Would love another chance at them -- even though the teams are totally different now, haha