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Snitch Runner Compensation Plan Rolling Out for US Quidditch Cup 9

USQ-certified snitch runners will be paid per game worked during US Quidditch Cup 9.

This year, USQ is offering compensation to USQ-certified snitch runners at US Quidditch Cup 9. Snitch runners are not required to be certified to participate in the event. However, in order to be eligible for compensation, they must be certified by passing both tests and submitting footage for review. More information on the certification process can be found here. The deadline to complete these steps is 11:59 PM Eastern Time, Sunday, April 3rd, 2016.

Snitch runners will be compensated on a per-game basis at a rate of $5 per game. In the event that a snitch runner needs to be replaced mid-game, the compensation will go to the snitch who finishes the game.

A snitch runner’s certification status will not impact the number of games for which they are scheduled.

This policy is specifically to be used at US Quidditch Cup 9. The Snitch Coordinators in the Membership Department have been working on a compensation plan for official games during the regular season in the future. However, in order to finalize this plan, more data is needed on how certified snitches perform. This information will be collected through on-site evaluations by players, referees, and staff, as well as the online evaluation form available here. More snitch runners completing the certification process will improve this process, which will in turn allow for the development of a snitch compensation program for the regular season.

If you have questions about the snitch runner compensation plan at US Quidditch Cup 9 or are interested in helping the development of the regular season plan, please email