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Update on 2016 Northwest Regional Championship

In light of concerns raised by teams and officials, and also to ensure that the bids to nationals are appropriately allocated, USQ briefly paused today’s Northwest Regional Championship after six games to alter the tournament format.

Salem, Oregon has received record rainfall this winter. After seeing the development of field conditions and receiving feedback from referees, snitches, and team captains, the tournament staff decided to pause the tournament to discuss plans for the continuation of the event. A representative from each team was in attendance for this discussion.

While the conditions of the fields did not pose a safety issue, some teams voiced their preference not to compete for a championship on the muddy fields. In order to ensure the highest possible field quality for the teams who still wanted to compete for the championship, the tournament structure was adjusted to accommodate those games that are relevant to the championship first, followed by additional official matches in order to allow all teams to play additional quidditch. This change in structure was unanimously agreed upon by all coaches.

In the new structure, teams were given the opportunity to decide if they wanted to play in a championship round robin, or participate in a non-championship round robin. Once teams made a decision, the tournament was split in two for the remainder of Saturday.

For a list of games that have already been completed today, along with scores, please click here.


Boise State Abraxans

Boise State Thestrals

Rain City Raptors

University of British Columbia


Big Sky Flyers

British Columbia Quidditch Club

Moscow Manticores at the University of Idaho

Portland Augureys

Western Washington Wyverns

Those participating in the championship round will compete for the title of regional champion and for three bids to US Quidditch Cup 9. The teams participating in the non-championship round robin are still playing official games.

Both mini-tournaments will continue in the round robin format. As Boise State Abraxans and Boise State Thestrals already played each other before play was paused, they will not face each other again during the round robin. The winner of the Northwest Regional Championship will be announced later today.

The schedule for the remainder of Saturday is as follows:

  • 3:00pm: PDX vs BSF (pitch 1)

  • 3:00pm: RCR vs UBC (pitch 2)

  • 3:40pm: BCQC vs MMUI (pitch 1)

  • 3:40pm: BSA vs UBC (pitch 2)

  • 4:40pm: BSA vs RCR (pitch 2)

The event will continue tomorrow. All games scheduled originally for the tournament will take place - games not played today will be played tomorrow and will be official USQ games. Games played tomorrow will not count for national championship qualifications or determining the regional champion. Due to these last minute changes, teams will be given the option to decide to play or not. They will not be scheduled if they do not wish to play on Sunday. Tournament staff will be speaking with each captain individually this evening to determine the schedule, and it will be released as soon as possible.

Teams will not be in violation of Stay and Play if they chose to depart early, due to the extenuating circumstances.

USQ thanks players, officials, and volunteers for their patience today and for the staff at Capital Futbol Complex and Travel Salem for working so hard to get the fields ready for competition. For any questions, please email