USQ Update

Kara Levis joins USQ Board of Directors

Kara Levis, former Northeast Regional Coordinator for USQ and current player for QC Boston, is joining the USQ Board of Directors, effective immediately.

Levis was selected as part of the Board's efforts to recruit talented, passionate, and experienced individuals. She has extensive experience in the quidditch community, having played for seven seasons. She started as a player with UCLA in the fall of 2009 after hearing about it on campus at the beginning of the school year. After the first practice, she was hooked.

“My first ever practice we played in a mud pit. Everyone was covered head to toe in the most undignified slathering of mud. Afterward, Tom Marks (the UCLA team founder) invited everyone to go get food in the dining hall. Sitting there with a group of laughing strangers as other students gawked at our muddy faces made me realize these were the type of people I wanted to spend my college career with,” said Levis.

Like many players, Levis wanted to get more involved. She found she gained satisfaction from giving back to her community, working hard to make the sport and the culture better. She joined USQ as a volunteer in 2012, first serving as a California State Representative and later as Northeast Regional Coordinator when she moved to Boston.

“When there is a need within the community, I will do everything in my ability to address it—from disseminating information, to coining new events, to providing resources for new teams… Particularly in the Northeast, I have watched the sport's culture come to integrate both competition and respect on an exceptionally high level. While, of course, this result is hardly the impact of a single volunteer, I am exceptionally proud of the role I have played in shaping the attitude that has come to embody Northeast quidditch,” said Levis.

She ran events like West-by-Southwest in 2012 and Northeast Classic in 2014. Recently, Levis was appointed Events Director for Major League Quidditch.

“In order for our sport to succeed, we need every player and every supporter to contribute. Volunteering allows us to gain an appreciation for just how much this sport has developed, but also to see how far we have yet to come. There is so much potential for us to build the community and the culture of quidditch, but we need volunteers to make it happen… We're all working toward the success of this sport, and community involvement is a huge factor in taking us from fantasy to reality.” Levis said.

She currently plays for QC Boston, the winner of the 2015 Northeast Regional Championship.

“We are very excited to welcome Kara to the Board of Directors. Her wealth of experience in the quidditch community as a player, volunteer, and events manager will help to further broaden the range of perspectives and voices present on the Board. Her addition is a further step in our commitment to maintaining a Board that embodies both professional expertise and experience in the broader quidditch community,” said Jacob Adlis, Board Chair for USQ.

“Quidditch has played an incredible role in my life for the last seven years, and I look forward to helping preserve and develop its ability to impact the next generation of players,” said Levis.

Levis will be joining the Board of Directors immediately. The board meets in person two times per year and holds conferences calls once per month to set and guide the long-term mission and financial health of the organization. For more information about the board, click here.