The Dynamic Warmup

While we’d all like to fancy ourselves invincible, quidditch is a tough sport and it takes a lot out of our bodies. Especially when competing in a two-day tournament, it is important to know how to properly warm up in order to prevent pulled muscles, and reduce soreness after a day of playing.

Below is an extensive warm-up that I do before each game. I start with stationary movements and gradually work into moving stretches. Each moving stretch starts slow and gradually picks up speed and intensity. Remember, these are just suggestions: Please add/remove movements as you see fit!

Pick a spot where you have room to move and even pick up speed; many tournaments will feature a practice pitch, but any sideline area will do. It’s great to do these stretches together as a team right before a game as a way to warm up your mind just as much as your body.


T rotation - Standing up, make the letter T with your body. Rotate your arm to  turn one palm up to face the ceiling and one to face the floor.  Immediately begin to rotate your arms over and back--alternating which hand is faced up, and which is faced down--for 20-30 seconds.  

Arm Circles-   Start with your arms stretched out wide like a T and make 10 circles with your arms forwards and backwards.  I personally like to start with small circles and work my way up to larger circles.   

Bow and Bend - Reach for the floor with your fingers.  Once you get as far as you can go, come back up place your hands on your hips and push them forward.  Do 10 total.  

Body Circles  - Make giant circles with your upper body.  Do 5 going in each direction.  

Dynamic Stretching

Plank Walk-Outs - Bend over and place your hands on the floor and walk them out to a pushup position.  Once there walk them back and stand up.  You can increase the difficulty of this movement by continuing to walk your hands out past your head.  

Inch Worms - Bend over and place your hands on the floor and walk them out to a push-up position.  Bending your knees as little as possible walk your feet toward your hands.  Do 5 reps.

Walking Knee Hugs - Lift one knee up your chest and hug it into your body.  Step that foot out and forward and place it on the ground.  Repeat and alternate.  Walk 50’.  For increased difficulty, add lunges on the last 25’.

High Knee Jog - Jog while lifting your knees as high past your midline as you can.  

Skips - Self-explanatory...just skip.  Try to look as intimidating as possible.  

Skip and Scoop- Skipping, with added flair! At the end of each skip, lunch forward. Don’t let the back knee touch the group, but instead use it to hop in the air and gain as much height as possible. While you do this, sweep your arms in a scooping fashion for an extra stetch.

Walking Quad Stretch - Pull your heel towards your butt. Step forward and switch legs.  Walk 50’.

Butt-Kick Jog.  Jog forward and kick your legs back and try to kick your own butt.  Jog 50’.

Working this warm-up into your pre-game ritual will prepare any athlete for the demands of a two-day quidditch tournament. These exercises were designed to increase the range of motion of muscles and joints, summon explosive energy and power, and get your body ready for battle.

Jared Rohrer is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, and quidditch player since 2010.