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Michigan Quidditch wins Great Lakes Regional Championship

Michigan Quidditch defeated Bowling Green State University 110*-70 to take home the Great Lakes Regional Championship in West Chester, OH.

19 teams participated in the regional championship, and the final standings are listed below. Teams in bold are US Quidditch Cup 9 qualifiers and will be among the 60 teams nationally that have received a spot at Columbia, SC in April 16 and 17, 2016.

1. Michigan Quidditch
2. Bowling Green State University
Tie-3. Ohio State University Quidditch Club
Tie-3. Lake Effect Maelstrom
Tie-5. Ball State Cardinals
Tie-5. Miami University
Tie-5. Michigan State Quidditch
Tie-5. Ohio University Quidditch Club
9. Central Michigan Quidditch Club
10. Indiana University Quidditch
Tie-11. Lake Effect Tempest
Tie-11. Wooster Scottish Nationals
Tie-13. Carnegie Mellon Quidditch Club
Tie-13. Falcon Warriors Quidditch Club
Tie-13. Q.C. Pittsburgh
Tie-13. University of Southern Indiana Quidditch
17. Eastern Michigan Quidditch
18. Grand Valley Quidditch
19. Toledo Quidditch

The full score sheet from the tournament can be found here.

“I was very happy to have everyone here in Butler County. The facility is gorgeous, and both days the weather was perfect - I couldn’t ask for a better regional. All the teams came out, played hard, and had a lot of fun. I was impressed from top to bottom with how efficiently everything was run. This was a good weekend of fun, clean quidditch, and I’m very happy to be the regional coordinator of the inaugural Great Lakes regional championship. I look forward to many more!” said Alex Scheer, USQ Great Lakes Regional Coordinator.

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“Thank you to all of the team who played hard and demonstrated great sportsmanship on and off the pitch this weekend. It was a pleasure being at the first ever Great Lakes Regional Championship, and I’m grateful to Butler County Visitors Bureau for all of their invaluable assistance in making this event a success,” said Sarah Woolsey, USQ Events Director.

US Quidditch wishes to congratulate Michigan Quidditch and all qualifying and competing teams who raised funds, traveled to the event, and played tough and exciting games. USQ is especially grateful to its staff, volunteers, referees, and snitches who helped plan and put on the event -- their contributions and hard work help to make the event possible. Special thanks to Butler County Visitors Bureau for their support of USQ and the Great Lakes Regional Championship.