A Team Effort: Putting it all Together

This summer, USQ writer and NASM certified personal trainer Jared Rohrer designed a series of position-specific training plans. In this article, he wraps up the series and recommends how to train as a team.

I hope all you quidkids had fun training this summer with our workout series. While each US Quidditch training plan has been designed for specific positions, everything we have discussed is important to all players. Chasers and keepers can improve their shots and passes from strengthening their hips, beaters benefit from increased mobility, and it’s no secret everyone could use more conditioning and strength training. So, it stands to reason that an entire team can follow the same plan, and train together. It’s time to put it all together like we do on the pitch.  

Workout Template

Above is a basic weekly template for training as a team. You can download a PDF version here. These templates can be used as a tool to synchronize your team’s training plan as well as keep track and monitor progress through notes.

Each template starts with your team’s weekly practice, as well as Workout of Choice (WOC). I believe that conditioning--through a shared WOC--during practice can build team morale as well as build strength. If you’re short on time, choose an ‘As Many Rounds as Possible’ (AMRAPS) workout, so you give your team a set time limit.

Another type of day found on this template: Rest of Choice days. This gives your team the chance to rest after a strenuous practice, but if you choose to exercise keep it light, such as yoga, jogging, or some basic passing drills. On these days, make sure you make the choice that is right for your body--you don’t have to do what your teammates decide to do.

Lastly, this template features Chaser, Beater or Seeker WOC days.  Pick one of our earlier Choose Your Position workouts on these days--and don’t be afraid to mix it up! Take the beaters ‘Brooms Up’ and do it with the seekers ‘Overtime.’ The only wrong answer here is not training at all.  

Need more choices? We’ve compiled one final workout--The Team Training Plan--that features two 15-minute AMRAPS and an optional ‘Overtime’ workout for those on your roster really looking to push their body to the next level.




Jared Rohrer is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, and quidditch player since 2010.