Take Your Position: USQ Chaser/Keeper Workout

This summer, USQ writer and NASM certified personal trainer Jared Rohrer has designed a series of rigorous—but accessible!—position-specific training plans. Our last workout regimen is a bodyweight strength program to help chasers and keepers put games away.

Slow-Ball:  Bodyweight Strength to Help Chasers/Keepers Put Games Away.   

By Jared Rohrer

Please be sure to consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program--we promise they won't look at you weird if you mention it's for quidditch!

So far, everything I have covered with these USQ Workouts has been about conditioning and endurance, and securing the competitive edge from beginning to end. But for chasers and keepers, I wanted to focus on strength.  While strength is fundamental for all positions, the increase of drives and tackles in our sport make it particularly important for chasers and keepers.

I call this strength routine ‘Slow-Ball’ (not to be confused with the quidditch strategy of the same name).  Since most of these routines are bodyweight, this Slow-Ball routine slows down the repetitions dramatically in order to build strength.

Let’s use push-ups as an example. Normally, you don’t really think about how fast or slow you do push-ups...you just want to get through them!  In Slow-Ball, however, you aim to take three seconds to lower your body to the floor, hold there for two seconds, then take four seconds to come back up.  This challenges the muscles in a different way and leads to gains in strength.  

We will keep that 3-2-4 cadence for most of the exercises.  The exceptions are noted by the exercise.  




Remember: Fitness is a team sport too, and it’s always better to do these with a friend or as a team. If you have any suggestions, tips or musings, please post them in the comments section. And instagram or tweet any photos of you performing any USQ workout! Together, we can take this sport to the next level!!

Jared Rohrer is a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, and quidditch player since 2010. He currently plays for Capital Madness, but originally played for and captained the New York Badassilisks.