USQ Update

Transfer Policy Update for 2015-2016 Season

US Quidditch is changing the player transfer policy for the upcoming season.

Effective immediately, all individual players will be allowed the opportunity to transfer from one official member team to another official member team one time before November 1, 2015.

After November 1, or after the one transfer has been used, no further transfers will be allowed. Exceptions will be made only if the player:

  1. Provides documentation of a school transfer
  2. Provides documentation of an address change greater than 100 miles, as measured by driving distance
  3. Proves their current team environment is unsafe for them based upon violations of the Unlawful Harassment clause of the USQ Member Code of Conduct*

This differs from the previous season, where the only automatic transfers were from 'A' to 'B' teams.

As stated in the USQ Strategic Plan released earlier in July, USQ will be working to develop two distinct competitive leagues over the next few years: collegiate and community. USQ wants to facilitate official intercollegiate play with the support of university administrations.

While USQ continues to be made up of one single competitive division, it is important that we uphold the competitive integrity of this division by ensuring that team rosters are stable throughout the year, with no special exceptions made for teams with close relationships to one another. The new policy ensures an even playing field for all teams and players while we still have one existing league division, and lessens the gray area for transfer policies.


* The requesting player will be asked to provide documentation of the violations, which may include names and contact information of multiple individuals willing to attest to the violations. A player on a team that has failed to qualify for nationals will not be allowed to transfer to a team that has qualified, or has yet to qualify.