North American NGBs Announce International Friendly Policy

Starting in the 2015-2016 season, USQ member teams that participate in approved “international friendlies” will be able to count up to two games toward their minimum number of games required to attend the US Quidditch Cup.

This policy aims to promote and increase international play between North American teams. International competition fits into USQ’s strategic priority to grow the sport by expanding competitive opportunities, and contributes to the development of future leaders by encouraging cross-cultural experiences.

“In the season following the transition of the International Quidditch Association to US Quidditch, cross-border play between Canada and the United States was greatly reduced,” Alicia Radford, USQ’s Acting Executive Director, said. “We developed this international play policy jointly with Quidditch Canada and Quidditch México hoping to foster more cross-border play and collaboration in a way that makes sense for the competitive integrity of each league.”

An “international friendly” is a match held on US, Canadian, or Mexican soil between official member teams of more than one of those national governing bodies. In order for the game to count for USQ’s incentives, the game must follow several requirements:

  • The event or tournament must be listed on the USQ events calendar.
  • The games must abide by the following USQ policies:
    • Played under rulebook 9.
    • A non-playing certified EMT or athletic trainer must be on site at all times.
    • A certified head referee (subject to the host governing body’s requirements) must adjudicate the game.
    • A certified tournament director (subject to the host governing body’s requirements) must be present.
  • The game must be against an official team with the other national governing body.
  • The game must be submitted to this form on the USQ website within 7 days of occurring.

“Playing against American teams has always been a fun and competitive experience for Canadian quidditch players,” Tegan Bridge, Executive Director of Quidditch Canada, said. “Quidditch Canada is excited to offer teams this opportunity and help both countries build stronger relationships and grow the sport.”

“This joint effort comes right at the time when SoCal teams and Qwertyrians Tijuana are getting ready for games in San Diego. Any Mexican players who are able to participate in gameplay with USQ or QC teams gain so much experience; the Mexican teams located close to the border of the US will be able to take the international friendlies experience and bring what they've learned to the rest of the teams in Mexico. The Mexican Quidditch Association is proud to encourage and participate in international gameplay and for the development of quidditch, “ Alberto Santillan, president of Asociación Mexicana de Quidditch, said.

Because international friendlies are not played against official USQ teams, they will not be added to USQ’s standings. However, USQ, Quidditch Canada, and and Quidditch México will work with the IQA to develop an international standings page to showcase international competition in North America and elsewhere in the world.